Sunday, 23 October 2016

School Evening Routine Autumn Edition

For today I have decided to do an evening routine, as if I'm honest it is something that I always love reading or watching. So I decided to this on my Wednesday night as it seemed pretty normal, and I actually had work therefore it wouldn't just be me watching Netflix or YouTube. My I also got to make my tea tonight which is always fun. Anyways, let's get started.

Usually when I come home i changed into joggers but today I was in a skirt and it was pretty comfy so instead I went and made myself a cup of tea. I then grabbed my brunch bar out of my bag and watched Mel's new video which was her weekend morning routine.

I then got out my diary which actually looks pretty chaotic if I'm honest.
I decided to finish off my Psychology homework due for Friday, which didn't take long so I then had a look over the notes from that lesson on Friday as you are meant to that for every lesson and I hadn't manage to do so yet. To finish off my Psychology work (for a different teacher now) I read a study which I literally been given that day. Once that was all finished I filled up my water bottle, packed my stuff up and headed up to my room.

I actually hadn't made my bed that morning so I moved my laptop to my desk, put away some leggings and made my bed.
I then took off my boots and changed into my comfy slippers of course, as I began to tidy away some stuff off my floor. Once my room looked decent I turned on my laptop, on my desk and finish off some coursework.
Once I finished my coursework I moved onto blogger and began typing up this blog post and starting another one, along with looking at my planner and making some alterations to dates and names. I'm honestly so excited for some of them, and I can write about what I love which means some more movie watch lists of course and some other surprises! 

Once it reached about 5:30 I went downstairs and made myself pasta for tea, whilist watching some Big Bang Theory on netflix, which included the following:
  • Chestnut mushrooms
  • Green pepper (it was the only one we had left in the fridge, how sad)
  • Bacon
  • Philadelphia cheese 
  • Wholemeal Pasta
Once I had eaten I went up stairs and originally thought I would go and have a bath to wash my hair but instead I my friend reminded me about the new Scream Queens episode. So I decided to make my self a bowl of popcorn, the last packet yes, and watched Scream Queens in bed.

Once it was done I headed round to the corner of my room where I do my make up and took it all off using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and then using the Simple Kind to Skin replenishing Rich Moisturiser to obviously moisturise my face. Once it reached around like 9:30 I went down to brush my teeth, put my retainer in, turned off my laptop, climbed into bed and turned on Big Bang Theory on my TV. I usually watch 1 or 2 episodes before I fall asleep.

So that is it for my school evening post, I hope you have actually enjoyed it. It's a little long but I kind of expected that, anyways I might so a morning routine for school in winter however that may be difficult so we may wait till next year. See you next week for a new post!
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