Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Summer: Reading List 2016

Welcome back to my little blog, oh my gosh I have missed you all so much and well actually my blog. It keeps coming up on my timehop making me miss it! Right lets start with this post and get on with my summer reading list. To be honest some of these are on last year's mainly because I didn't manage to read them all but oh well.

I'm actually reading Insurgent at the moment and planned on reading Me Before You before I got to see the film but it kind of went wrong when I realised how much of Insurgent I had left to read. Oh well I'll just wait for the DVD then I can read both of the books. As Jojo has just released her second book!

Not gonna lie but I actually spent ages on amazon searching for new books to read this summer which are relatively cheap at the moment, well they are all bellow £5 apart from Girl Online: On Tour which actually depends on whether it's hardback or paperback.  I'm so excited to read books when I go on holiday again soon, as I'm going to spain for 2 weeks with my mum and family.

Have you guys read any of these books? Or got any recomendations for me? I think once I've read these I might go and look at the books in Zoella's book club at WhSmiths. She did a video about it: Book Club Picks 

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