Monday, 30 March 2015

March Favourites

Hello everybody and I want to officially welcome you to my blog! I have been wanting to start a blog for ages and I have finally done it! I have never done anything thing likes this however I do read quite a few blogs so just bare with me for the moment. If you want to find out more about me and follow my social media links check out my 'About Me' and 'Social Media' pages. Anyways, onto my first post - My March Favourites

It can't believe it's almost April, it's scary how fast time is going but they do say that in year 11 time flies by. Which is happening because I now have just under 3 months till prom which also means that all my exams will be over and I'll be on a extra long holiday reading lots of books, shopping and watching millions of movie and TV shows.

My first item is actually something I actually bought quite recently, and it is the Foundation brush from Real Techniques. I think it was quite expensive for a make brush but I really needed a new one and I know that Real Techniques brushes are amazing so I'm not wasting my money on rubbish. It is brilliant and I do highly recommend it to you.

Next is something I remember seeing in one of Zoe's video's, I can never remember which one but I know it was posted this year - wait i think, actually I'm not sure.. Any way, it is the Soap and Glory Lid Stuff. The shades are beautiful, they blend together really well and you can also use the shade 'Mudhoney' can also be used for your eyebrows. It is slightly too dark for my hair at the moment as my blonde dip-dye is coming back.

The next beauty product is something I got from my friend, and it is one of Tanya's Burr's Lip Glosses in the shade Afternoon Tea. It is what I'd call like a nude shade and it is brilliant for school or if you don't want to wearing anything bright. Also as it is the beginning of spring I think it will go really well with any spring clothes, well actually any clothes.

My finally beauty favourite is another yet lip product (it might seem like a wear a lot of lip products but in actual fact I hardly ever wear them, especially things like lip sticks even though I and I only got it on Saturday but I have fallen in love already. It is one of the new Baby Lips, Electro in the shade Strike A Rose. This is my third baby lips and I love them an awful lot! They are so nice to wear on your lips, super easy to apply especially the Hydration one which even though it has no colour is also one of my favourites.

For Christmas I got 4 books and so far I've read 1 and I'm now on my second, which I am currently loving even though I'm not reading it every night because I'm busy revising or too tired to read. And that book is Divergent, it is amazing so far and after watching films many times and getting one of my best friends into i finally decided that I should maybe read the book.

Next is a Film which one night i decided to watch because I wanted to watch Hannah Montana but instead i watched another film with Miley in, LOL My friend had told me how good it was and I had added it to my list on Netflix when I first got it but never got round to watching it as I was watching Pretty Little Liars ALL the time. After watching it I then got one of my best friends obsessed with so now instead of her and her bf as her lock screen it is now Douglas Booth.

TV shows
Finally is some TV shows, and first is obviously Pretty Little Liars. When i got Netflix this was the first thing I decided to watch and now I'm kind of obsessed - which is super sad i know, but if you watch it then you'll agree with me that is super obsessive once you get into it.

Photography // Camera
For my birthday I was lucky enough to get a beautiful Polaroid camera from my Mum and finally I have got round to using it. I've been super excited about using it and also very scared because once you take the picture you can't change it. It was also my friends 16th birthday party on Saturday so i thought it was a good idea to take it to that and try it out with someone. The picture ended up looking super cute because of the balloons in the background and our party hats. I'm now super excited to use it in summer and when I go on holiday next week!

I'm sorry I do ramble a lot but thank you for reading.
Meg x