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Hello and welcome to my wonderful little blog. I am Megan, a 19-year-old student born in Essex but currently living in Nottingham. However not for long as  I will be starting at DeMontfort University this September to study Criminology from September 2018.  

This blog is full of everything I love and want to share with you all, from beauty to lifestyle, entertainment, some fashion and hopefully some travel posts in the future.

I originally started this in March 2015, as I thought it would be fun to give it a try. I had just started to watch a lot more YouTubers who also had blogs, which inspired me to start my own and I am glad I did because it has allowed me to share anything and everything with lots of different people. I don't know why but I love reading and watching youtube videos about what makeup people use, their skincare routine, going out to special places, their outfits, the food they eat and their routine in the morning/evening/pamper! Most of the things I will write are things I enjoy or enjoy writing about. I hope you'll enjoy them too!

I am very excited to see what 2018 brings for me, and I am of course more excited about the new Marvel Avengers movie coming out this year... However, if I start talking about that now I may never stop!


If you ever want to talk about anything you see on my blog or just about anything feel free to contact me via email at megaanphoebe@gmail.com, or you can find me on social media which are all listed below.

TWITTER: brandnewmeg
INSTAGRAM: meg.tucker
PINTEREST: megaanphoebe
21 BUTTONS: megaanphoebe


I am also a massive fan of creating playlist's on Spotify, I will always post about each months playlist and have it linked on the sidebar for you to easily access.  But as you are here I thought I would share the go-to summer playlist that I am listening to whenever I have friends round or in the car for a long journey.

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