Saturday, 26 September 2015

September Favourites

Hello everyone, I have been loving a lot of different things this month as well as some old ones but I thought I'd share them with you!


My first favourite for this month is MAC Lustre lipstick, in the shade Midimauve. This is my first lipstick and it was a big choice to pick it. I picked it up on the way back from my holiday in Cyprus as the duty free was pretty good there! I have fallen in love with it. It is a sort of dark shinny nude, which isn't the best description I know but that's what it is.


Next is an old favourite which I re-purchased not long ago, it is Collection lasting perfection concealer. I love the fact it is a reasonable cheap make-up but is very good quality. I would say it is a medium coverage and you don't need lots for your under eyes meaning I don't get through it that quickly too.

My finally beauty favourite this month is something I mentioned in my last post and that is one Tanya Burr's new nail varnishes, in the shade Duvet Day. I have been wearing it so much these past few weeks at six form as I can finally wear nail varnish to school.


My first music favourite is Halsey's new album, Badlands. I can't even remember how I found her but I think it was on twitter and well I listened to EP on repeat on Spotify. Finally her album was released and I was super happy because I'd seen so many good reviews on it and I agree with them all so much! It is such a good album and I have to say my favourite song must be New American. This album is different to what I usually listen to but it's amazing.

TV shows & Books:

After pretty little liars finished I had no idea what to watch until I spent one night on American Netflix looking at all the recommended things for me to watch and stumbled across The Carrie Dairies. I wasn't too sure at first but that's always the same when you start a new TV show, but then my friend told me Austin Butler was in it so that made me love it even more.
It's about a girl, Carrie, who lives in the suburbs but has always loved the Manhattan.

Next is a book and I haven't read a lot recently because of school and but I was looking at my book shelf which is weird but found an old ish book. It's one of the books from the series of Angus thongs and perfect snogging. It's called 'Dancing in my nuddy-pants', it's all about Georgia's life and her 'Sex God' boyfriend who thinks she's a little weird.
I love the fact it's written almost like a dairy but not, in a way it's not.

So that is what I have been loving this month, have you guys been loving anything new this last month? Hope you enjoyed this post and i will see you in my next post.
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Meg x 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Beauty and Lush Haul

Hey everybody, this week I have been to London, Lakeside and Brentwood and spent quite a bit of money on lots of different items. Mainly make up as I have been waiting to get these items for a while. Whilst I was in London not only did we visit Greenwich and the Olympic park but we also went to Oxford street main;y because I wanted to go to the Lush store.

Firstly I went to London and went to Lush, obviously. I picked up 2 baths bombs, 2 bubble bars and a shower gel however one of the bubble bars I bought for my mum as she LOVES rose jam and they only sell the shower gel sometimes and they had a bubble bar of it and it was her birthday recently so I thought I'd buy it her.

So firstly I picked up The Experimenter bath bomb and the Frozen bath bomb, I mainly i picked the frozen one up because of the name and the colour and The Experimenter because of the smell and the colours. I am so happy that I won't have to travel all the way to London to get these products every time I want them as my local store in Nottingham have just recently started stocking some of the limited edition products which I am super excited about.
Next are the bubble bars, I picked up Pink Flamingo and Rose Jam. The main reason for picking up the Flamingo bubble bar was because of some youtubers, I think i first saw it when sprinkleofglitter did a HUGE lush haul on her channel and I fell in love with it instantly, next on Zoella's channel and then I think on Becca Rose's channel.
Finally I picked up The Comforter shower cream. I have only ever tried one shower gel/cream from Lush and that was Snow fairy and I loved that. When I heard they were making my favourite bubble bar into a shower gel/cream I knew I had to try it!

I went to superdrug and spent rather a lot on make up, however I have been waiting for a while for some of these beauty products after seeing people rave about them for so long I finally gave in and bought them.
So let's start with the products I bought for my face and they are:

Collection : Lasting Perfection Concealer
Collection : Blush, the shade Bashfull
 Maybelline New York : Colour Tattoo, On and on Bronze
Soap and Glory : Supercat Eyeliner Pen
Sleek : Eau La La Liner, Rouge 307
Sleek : True Colour Matte Lipstick, Vamp 786
Real Techniques : Expert Face Brush

I actaully bought most of these products because youtubers and blogger have recommended them and talked so highly of them for so long. I finally gave in and got them, they are the Colour Tattoo, Supercat Eyeliner, Collection Lasting Perfection, Collection Blush and Expert Face Brush.
I bought the lipstick and lip liner to trial, I loved the shade of the lipstick and I haven't actually bought one this shade yet but I thought I finally would. Then I thought about how people say you should use lip liner with dark coloured lip products so i got them both. They were both about £4 from superdug I think which I thought was quite cheap in comparison to my new Mac Lipstick.
I have never actually used a blush and when I saw someone say that this blush was quite similar to a Nars one I thought to my self I MUST try this product and I must say I love it! It is very pigmented and quite cheap for make up.

Tanya Burr : Nail Varnish, Duvet Day
Tanya Burr : Nail Varnish, Bright & Early
Zoella Beauty : Candy Cream

Tanya Burr and Zoe both bought out some new products in their Beauty range and I hadn't manage to buy any of their new products yet. However I did buy the new spray from Zoe's range for my friend for her birthday present and I wanted it for my self.
But I finally got round to purchasing some of them and after my holiday to Cyprus my skin has been quite dry as my mum and I both made the bad decision of not taking any body lotion with us and I am just finishing off my Jack Wills one I got for Christmas so i thought I'd try Zoe's new one as I didn't try her last one.
I also bought two nail Varnishes from Tanya's range, I had one from her other range as my friend bought it me for my birthday this year and I loved it. So I decided to buy myself some new ones as I also needed some new ones and I don't really have a massive range of colour they all seem to be very similar. I picked up Duvet Day because it is the sort of colour I can wear with any outfit and for anytime of the year, it also seems like a very good colour to wear for Six Form as I can now wear nail varnish to school. I picked up the other colour, Bright & Early well because I just loved the colour. It's bright and colourful and is a very pretty pink shade! I also love the packaging on Tanya's new range, it is super cute and I will forever be taking pictures of them all.

Have you guys got any of the new Lush products or even some of Zoe or Tanya's?
What are you favourite products?
Thank you for reading.
Love Meg x