Sunday, 12 April 2015

Photography | Easter 2015

Now, my Easter Holiday is sadly coming to end which means that my exams will be starting soon - a month today to be exact. But over Easter I spent some of the first week with my friends celebrating my friend Freya's 16th birthday. She decided to have a super cute party which was called a Decade ago, and she invited the clown she had when she was 6 to come and do her party again. We played lots of games like pass the parcel, musical sautes, balloon animals, a disco and of course jelly & ice cream!

On the Tuesday I spent the evening with my friends again, watching films, eating pop-corn and pizza. We watched LOL and The Perks of being a Wallflower which are two of my favourite films, I highly recommend you watch them.

Later in the week i went down to Bath with my family for the first time. We went and looked around the Roman Bath's and most of the shops. The Roman Bath's were extremely pretty and it was funny watching people take lots and lots of selfies with some water or some roman artifacts. There was also quite a few people with there selfie sticks, but they weren't children/teenagers which was the funny part. I should really laugh but if you were there then you would have also found it funny!

I also was able to visit the Eden Project and luckily it was an really sunny and quite warm day so it was extremely pretty. All the flowers were extremely pretty and it was just amazing!