Friday, 2 June 2017

MCM Comic Con London 2017

Hello everyone, and welcome back - I have been super excited to write this post! I also just want to explain another lack of posts this month, as my mac hasn't been able to turn on since last Monday so I haven't had a computer which sucks as I have been using it to revise but my brother has gone away so has left me his computer to use - which is super lovely of him! It has windows 10 on so I am learning how to use it.... But I am just having a break from revision and work to finally write this post!

So this post is all about MCM Comic Con, that occurred over the weekend that has just gone. I was lucky enough to go to the Sunday of the convention. It started Friday, where a few celebrities went but mainly everyone is setting up the stalls, stages and booths. Saturday is the main day when most people tend to go, it was sold out actually. However I went on the Sunday, it was still busy and by the end some of the shops were discounting everything to try and sell what they bought.

If I am honest I mainly went to Comic Con to see KJ Apa, the actor from Riverdale, however I am so glad I went as it was such a brilliant experience and I felt at home with all these people who love things as much as me or even more! My favourite thing was seeing all the cosplay outfits, some of them were amazing so much effort must have gone into them! I did not dress up, mainly because I had no idea what to go as and I had a photo op with KJ so wanted to look good...

I went to Comic Con with my Dad and brother first of all, but went with my friend Megan too - who I actually met on twitter via The Vamps, and her friend Rachel. We got there round 9:30 but weren't let in till 11, however we arrived at a perfect time as we were quite near the front of the queue so got in straight away and ran to the autograph station to buy our tickets to see KJ.

Sorry about the snapchat caption on this and some of the images, they are from my friends story from the day so I couldn't get rid of it..

The first thing we did was find the autograph area, which was the opposite end of excel to us so we did run. I left my dad and brother and went straight to that area, as they wanted food. We bought the autograph's and headed straight over, I noticed KJ straight away when I saw the ginger hair. On the table next to him was the 2 actors from NCIS: Los Angeles who I had also gone to see. They played the pair Kensi and Deeks. 

We went to find a Costa after this, had a break for food and then headed to our first panel of the day - Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell. They were both from Home and Away, however I knew Rebecca from The Originals (Aurora de Martel) and Pretty Little Liars (Nicole). I knew Luke from Mavel Agents of Shield (Lincoln Campbell) however he was also in the The Tomorrow People (John Young). The panel consisted of people watching asking them questions and the person on stage asking questions and just talking to them about different things.

Next was a panel for the 2 NCIS: Los Angeles actors - Daniela Ruah (Kensi Blye) and Eric Christian Oslen (Marty Deeks). This panel was slightly different as it was just the one man on stage talking to them about different things, very random things actually. They did stray off topic many times and we learnt Daniela had an imaginary friend who was then sat in between them... Yes it got weird but they also talked about the latest season and things that happen - I won't tell you because spoilers!

Now to the main reason I went to Comic Con (oops) but my KJ Apa photograph!! The queue was honestly massive but was worth it, as it did move quite quickly. Once I was in and said 'hey' to KJ I was ready for the photo and he told me to put my chin down, so I did, said goodbye, got my bag and walked to collect my photo. Then it hit me, 'what if I had a double chin?', luckily that did not happen. It was all because of the reflection on my glasses, it happened to my friends too as we all wear them. Rachel had her photo taken 3 times, and Megan twice just because you could see the studio lights in our glasses.

The day ended with us looking around all the stores for a pop vinyl of yoda for my dad before KJ's panel at 4! In this panel it mainly consisted of the audience asking him questions all about Riverdale, himself, his life and the movie he was in - A Dogs Purpose.

Did any of you guys go? Or do you watch Riverdale / NCIS: Los Angeles?

I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry it was delayed but my mac is now hopefully going in to be fixed on saturday so there may or may not be a post next weekend but we shall see! In the mean time you can follow my social media accounts, I changed my @ on twitter so be sure to check out my page at the top. Thank you for reading and I will see you when I see you...
Love Megan x