Thursday, 21 May 2015

Summer : Playlist 2015

As you probably know I am a massive music fan, so I wanted to share my summer play list with you. I have also recently created a spotify play list if you want to maybe check it out - tshirt weather (the name is just the name of the first song i added and i couldn't be bothered to change it at the time)

Mcbusted // Mcbusted [album] - I first started listening to this album about 4/3 hours before I went to see them live in concert. Which sounds super weird but my friend and I had won 2 tickets to see them live from one of my favourite bands, New City Kings who also happened to be supporting them. I love their album and I have it on repeat most mornings when I'm getting ready for school.

All Time Low - Future Hearts [album] - I have waited so long for this album and I have to say that it was well worth the wait! It is such a brilliant album and I have to say it was one of my favourite All Time Low album.

Train // Hey Soul Sister 
Train // Drive By - After watching an episode from season 4 of 90210 with Train in i found my love for them again. They were performing at music festival in 90210 so whenever I hear these two songs I think of summer and festivals which are two of my favourite things! 

James Bay // Chaos And The Calm [album] - I have loved James bay ever since I hear him on Radio 1 in the live lounge in 2014 sometime, I can't remember when but it was before most people know who he was. James' album is completely different to Mcbusted and All Time Low's but that's why I love it! It is very calm and pretty and they make it a beautiful summer album.

Hole In My Heart // Luke Friend  - The other week I went to see my favourite band The Vamps live and Luke Friend was supporting him. He was flipping amazing and I just think he has such a beautiful voice, and I have must say I have fallen in love with him and his song.

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Meg x