Thursday, 3 August 2017

July Favourites 2017

Summer has finally arrived, Sixth Form is over and I am back with a working MacBook!! Since I have been gone have been trying new things and become obsessed with so many things, so of course my first post back is a favourites. Again this favourites is lacking make-up/hair/beauty favourites as I haven't really found any recently but hopefully there will be some soon as I plan on purchasing some new make up soon - my list is ready for pay day.

So first of all is a first time purchase and I have only ever mentioned this brand once, back in March. I finally, after trying the original version, bought the Smashbox Colour Corrector Primer - Adjust (Green). I have been using it every day since I purchased it and I have fallen in love. I only ever used the baby skin primer before I tried the small Photo finish primer from Smashbox that my friends got me for my birthday. I had seen youtubers use all the different ones and I thought the green one would be perfect for me as I have quite red skin. It works wonderfully and makes me foundations go on easier and smoother along with getting rid of the main areas of red slightly - as it can't work miracles, my skin is constantly red.

Next I am jumping straight onto music and I have 3 new albums to to talk all about, and the first one you may guess if you know me or read my post regularly. Of course it is The Vamps new album Night and Day (Night Edition) - I am listening to the song My Place off the Album as I am writing about this. Of course this had to be featured in the favourites for July as I also went to see them perform this entire album in a small intimate gig in Sheffield on 10th July. It is quite different to their previous album and I have fallen in love with every song off it, can not pick my favourite! If someone asks I'll tell them one and then change my mind. Today as I am posting this it is 5 years since The Vamps posted their first cover, which is insane!

Next is Imagine Dragons new album Evolve and I only listened to it as my brother bought it and my mum has had it on in the car 24/7, if not I would have only listened to Thunder and Believer. My friend originally got me hooked on Thunder and then Riverdale got me hooked on Believer but once I listened to the rest of the album i fell in love. I had never really been a massive fan of imagine dragons, I loved some of their songs before but my friends had never got me to listen to an entire album but I'm glad they did this time.

Now to TV shows, and I mean it wouldn't be a favourites if I didn't mention a tv show and this time it is Degrassi Next Class : Season 4 as it was added to Netflix on the 7th July but I didn't watch it till later on I think. It was another emotional rollercoaster, the same as the other seasons, but the stories that were told were beautiful and I honestly adore all the characters and stories they tell. I would highly recommend as it isn't the same as your typical high school tv drama.

My second and final tv show favourites is one that if you are from england then you will most likely have heard of it and you will either love or hate it, and it is of course Love Island series 3. I was almost forced into watching it and it took me a few episodes to understand what the hell was going on, who was who and what the purpose of it was. However after a week of watching (as it was on every night at 9pm, but not Saturday's) I was very much hooked and was always in front of my tv or laptop at 9pm.

My movies this month of course were mentioned in my last post, but the main ones I have been watching this month has been Before I Fall, The Outsiders, Descendants 2 and Fast and Furious 8.

Not that many favourites this past month but I will make sure there is more for August's favourites! Don't forget I am making the monthly playlists over on my Spotify if you want to check out what I listen to each month - July 2017. Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this!
Love Meg x