Sunday, 27 November 2016

10 Reasons I am EXCITED for December

I have been so excited for this post mainly because it's means I can share the reasons I am excited for December, as well Christmas is next month!. I wanted to share these 10 reasons to help get everyone in the spirit , especially for this month as last year no one was really in the mood until it was like the week of Christmas. However this year everyone is feeling super festive, I'm so excited to decorate my room soon along with the rest of the house.
So lets get into the list,
  1. Vlogmas: If you don't watch youtube then you are missing out, as most youtubers do a thing called vlogmas which is when they vlog ever day up to Christmas Day (I think, might be wrong my bad). It's a great way to spend your evenings to help you get in the sprite for Christmas. 
  2. Christmas: I mean if you are excited for Christmas but that isn't the reason then who even are you! 
  3. Spend time with Family: I tend to see my family quite a lot, especially the family that leaves near me, but I also get to ALL my family which is great. I love seeing my family 
  4. Snow: It doesn't snow a lot in England but when it does I love it so much! Back in year 9, about 4 years ago ish, school closed for 4 days and me and my friend sat and watched all of Miranda and made snowmen in the back garden. 
  5. Christmas movies: This is what me in the mood last year, along with a 2 hour festive afternoon at Sixth Form. I did a post about my favourite Christmas movies last year, and there are so many great ones along with the unpopular ones on the channel Christmas 24! It shows Christmas movies 24/7!!! 
  6. Fires: Sitting by the fire, with the Christmas tree lights on, candles lit, a hot drink, Christmas movie on and Christmas PJ's is such a way to spend a Christmas evening. 
  7. Festive home wear: Home wear is my favourite thing no matter what time of the year but Christmas home wear is amazing and adorable. It makes you house a lot more colourful and homely, I think anyway.
  8. Christmas Tree: It's not December or Christmas until you have put your tree up, you have to agree.
  9. My families Christmas traditions: We don't have many but the ones we do are amazing, and  well we have done them every year (that I can remember anyways). On Christmas Eve we always go out for a walk (or to the cinema, like 2 years) but then go out for a meal after at the same place, my local pub. We also alternate who hosts Christmas and Boxing Day each year, so this year we are hosting Christmas Day which will be great.
  10. Jumpers: I have never really been one for Christmas Jumpers but I love them now, just not the really tacky ones!!
I hope I have now got you guys excited for December especially as it is just around the corner, hope you have enjoyed this post and I will see you soon with another blog post! 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

18th Birthday Present Ideas

I am 18 next March and a lot of my friends are turning 18 soon or next year like me, some are already 18. As it is a big ish birthday in England I thought I give you all a few present Ideas, but also to help me come up with some things for my friends.
  1. Buy them something 18 related, like anything you will find in a card shop. An 18 key-ring or wine glass (as they can legally drink)
  2. Get a group of friends together and buy them either a voucher for something they will really love or a present they will really love, like make-up, a game or clothes. 
  3. A cute photo frame or something similar, it is always a cute idea especially as you will all be going different ways at the end of sixth form/college. 
  4. This is a little pricey, but it depends how much you spend on your friends. But this would be a good present from a few friends, and this a Polaroid camera So they can capture their favourite memories over the next years. Especially if they are going off to university, and want a load of great memories. 
  5. Cards Against Humanities, it is such a great party game and just a great game to play whenever.
  6. Any alcohol, they are 18 so can legally drink so why not just get them their favourite drink so they can celebrate.
  7. Their favourite perfume or aftershave.
  8. Jelly shot mould - from prezzybox. I found these online and honestly these are such a good idea and its pretty cute, even if they did them without alcohol.
  9. Wheel of shots drinking game - from prezzybox. Again another alcohol drinking but they are 18 so can legally drink (unless your from America sorry.) but everyone loves a good drinking game and this seems great.  
  10. There are a lot of different experience presents, from driving in a certain car for the day, spa weekend for two, bungee jumping etc. These would also be a great group gift. 
These are a wide range of present ideas but I hope they help, even for someone who is over 18 or under (missing out the alcohol presents). But I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I will see you soon!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Everything and Anything to do with Concerts

Buying concert tickets is honestly so stressful especially when that band is relatively big and famous. Yesterday was the Pre-Sale for The Vamps and there was a whole lot of stress and panic over my twitter news feed. Everyone was panicking and stressing, what if the tickets sold out for the wow pit for their date, what if they didn't have enough money for the tickets they wanted or anything?! We were all stressing about anything and everything.

This is a strange blog post but if you love music then it is a struggle trying to buy tickets, and I wanted to share some tips and tricks with you!
  1. Be prepared in terms of money, most bands share the prices with you before so you know what to expect but also try to have more. Especially if you are buying tickets from AXS as my tickets were £49.50 but ended up coming to to £60.80 with all the extra costs. It's stupid especially as we paid for £3.00 for pre-sale as well, but oh well... 
  2. Be ready early, so if the tickets go on sale at 9:00 am then be ready at 8:30 am, with everything.
  3. If there is the option to put all your details in before you get a ticket then do so, it saves so much time as your just waiting around for them to go on sale. Especially if you are in a waiting room, it means you will get your tickets quicker when they come out.
  4. Try not to stress or panic, I know that sounds crazy and sometimes we can't help it but just breathe and relax. Take your time 
  5. Always double check your order before clicking 'buy now' or what ever the button says. You don't want to have accidentally ordered the wrong tickets and when they come be upset about it.
  6. This isn't really to do with buy tickets but, if the band/artist are going to another venue that is near by then go! Buy the cheapest tickets you can possibly get, along with cheap train tickets etc and go! I did this for The Vamps last year and bought some £9.50 tickets for Sheffield so me and my friend Charlie could see them. We had the best time, it wasn't as good as Nottingham as I was Wow Pit for that date but it doesn't matter about that.  I mean the tickets were £9.50 and I was just happy I got to see them again.
The actual day of the concert is the best thing, and it needs to be planned. If you're like me and like getting their early then make sure you have everything you want and need before you leave! Don't forget water, or a drink it's so important for a concert. I forgot one once and almost passed out it was not good, just be prepared.

My Experience with concerts has been great, I have been to so many different ones and they just make me so happy. It's the fact you in a arena or club with a large/small group of people who love the same band as you.

I'm such a big Fan Girl and I love watching bands grown and become bigger and bigger, but at heart I still want them to be my little secret. I guess that's the same with everyone, but watching The Vamps grow over the last 3 years has been amazing and crazy, especially as this will be their 3rd Arena tour and I'm just so proud.

That's enough I think before I get all soppy and emotional about something you guys probably don't care about! Anyways, Hope you enjoyed this little spontaneous post and I apologise for no post on Sunday but I was in Essex and got super busy

I hope you enjoyed this and I will see you on Sunday!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

October Favourites 2016

It's finally November and I'm so excited for Christmas now! I'm actually currently listening to a Christmas song, well a Christmas song by All Time Low called Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass. Anyways, I'm a little late doing this but it's here and so lets get started.

The first 2 favourites are clothes, and I don't really talk about clothes mainly because I find it so difficult to find things I like that suit me, fit me and finally aren't too expensive. They are both from H&M which is great, I have recently re-found my love for H&M as i use to shop there then went off it and now my love for it is back, which is strange but anyways.  The first thing is a stripped jumper I picked up from H&M in Camden when I went there with my Dad. I'd say it's cropped but at the same time I think it's too long to be cropped, however it works really well with my next favourite and my trusty TopShop high waist joni jeans. The next favourite is a cord skirt, in black. I picked up in Derby again when I was with my Dad a while ago. I have always loved these style skirts however the denim ones never fitted me properly and looked weird on me and then I finally found this one and fell in love with!

Next is a Lipstick, and it isn't even mine it's actually my Mum's shhh. However she kept using one of my Mac one's so I think we are even! Anyway, it is again a Avon Matte Lipstick in the shade Superb Wine, which is a perfect fall colour. It goes great with the jumper and isn't to drying. I have a pink in the same style and they both last ages and look matte, instead of just looking not very shiny. Which I love, since I got my Kylie lip kit I have been obsessed with matte lipsticks.

Next is music, and this month I have been listening to Bastille non stop as I actually went to see them Live on 5th November. Which was honestly incredible, I'm so glad mum and I got tickets. We were also standing which was crazy but wow I'm so glad we did get standing because honestly you get so much more into the songs If I'm honest, like everyone is dancing so its not weird were as when your seated you can't really dance without looking crazy.

My final favourite this month is a youtuber and that is Remi! I have been watching her ever since Kenzie uploaded a video with her, which was about a month ago. I started off by watching her moving vlogs and got a little obsessed. I seem to love watching vlogs now, especially people who live in LA or America. Quite a lot of the people I watch are actually American. Anyways, Remi's channels.
Main Channel: MissRemiAshten
Vlog Channel: RemLife

I hope you enjoyed this and well, I will see you Sunday (I believe) with a new blog post!