Saturday, 27 August 2016

Q&A 02 | Bold Hair Colours & Teen Wolf Characters?

I haven't done a Q&A in almost a year and I wanted to do something slightly different and couldn't think of anything, however I have everything all planned out to October currently which is exciting. I asked one my 2 twitter accounts, for some questions from you guys. So lets get started.

What are your top 3 (?) make up products?
  1. Benefit Hola Bronzer
  2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
  3. NYX soft matte creme (Shade; London)
  4. Rimmel London Lasting perfection Lipstick (Shade; Red)
I had to add the extra one to make 4 just because I love wearing red lipstick it makes me so happy, bright lipstick is what gets me excited for the sun coming out. Even though I love wearing nudes and dark purples and am very much a cold weather girl. I recently got the Benefit bronzer and I will tell you about it on Wednesday in my August Favourites, along with the NYX soft matte cream! 

Did you ever get hate for supporting your favourite?
When I first became a fan account on twitter, probably not long after I made my account late 2013, I became conscious of people from school finding it because like all I did was tweet about The Vamps, The Wanted and Loveable Rogues etc. So I began to block people that I had followed from my school, I don't think they were bothered but, in other words no I have never got hate for supporting them.I think people have just got use to it know, like if the Vamps are on Tv or something my friends or family will text me. Which is super cute as they know me so well.

What's your favourite tv show?
Big Bang Theory. I bet you weren't expecting a straight answer for this however I have so many favourite tv shows but as I have BBT on dvd I am always watching it when I go to bed. I probably managed to re-watch all 8 seasons twice in a year. My family always get me the new season for Christmas so I like to make sure I have re-watched it all in time for Christmas so I can then watch the new season when I go to bed on Christmas Day. However I'm not quite sure what I will do when it ends, but they have started filming season 10 which is very exciting.

If you were to name one piece of clothing that describes you, what would it be?
I'm not really sure, I think my Red Harrington jacket.

Do you want to dye your hair any bold colour?
I have always wanted purple hair, which I kind of currently have but it's slightly ginger in place but that's my fault. Anyway I won't get into how I messed up my hair. Well I have fallen in love with blue hair, as an actor I follow on instagram just had blue hair (she recently just dyed it like silver/blue). However I think she suits any colour as in Degrassi Next Class she has pink hair which also looks amazing. My friends told me to try dying my hair blue but I'm too scared at the moment and I miss my brown hair so hopefully It will be back soon!
Instagram image: chiquifairy

Argent or Sheriff?
Oh this is a hard one. If your confused this is in terms of Teen Wolf, which I am obsessed with and have been since Christmas when I first started watching it. I'm thinking Sheriff just because of Stiles and well their relationship. It honesly makes me cry, especially after watching the trailer for season 6 and to make things worse season 6 is the finally season!! :(

What's your favourite film?
Favourite film, hmm I'm going to say The Duff and Captain America (all 3)
I am a massive Marvel fan and Captain America is my favourite, because of Chris Evans but also the character is just so funny and films honestly make me smile so much. I re-watched all the Marvel films when I finished my exams and I actually cried at the first Captain America. The Duff is also my favourite film because the story line is amazing and the characters are so relatable, the end credits song is also The Vamps so that just makes me love it even more. 

Thank you to the girls who sent me the questions, I hope you enjoyed this post. I actually enjoyed writing this however you don't, well I don't, really see Q&A's on blogs. Anyway I will see you next time.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Travel | Spain 2016

As a few of you may know if you follow me on twitter, I have just come back to England after being in Spain for 2 weeks with my family. It was so relaxing and enjoyable, spending the days by the pool, watching the Olympics and going out for meals in the evenings.

We stayed in a place called Moraria, which is in the middle of Valecia and Allicante along the coast. It isn't very tourist like and has no hotel's which is what we like about it. We stayed in a Villa just round the coast, in between Moraria and Calpe. Driving around the estates is quite difficult even if you know where you are going, in the light and its extremely difficult to find your way around at night! We got to the estate probably around 12am and it was very dark and we struggled to found our villa, we didn't manage to find it until after 1am. It was a rather stressful night and I couldn't wait to get some sleep.

After nearly I week of being out there some of family friend's had also flown out and were staying near Moraria so they came round and got to play in our pool and then headed out for tea. It was brilliant but playing with 2 7 year olds can get tiring. We went to the cutest restaurant which was just up the road from where we stayed. It was gorgeous and extremely cute, but the food was amazing too!! We went because apparently the paella was very nice.

This was the Paella that was shared between 6 of us, I'm not sure if you can tell in the photo but this was in the middle of the table! There is also an amazing ice-cream place called Tutto Frutto, which we visited most nights when we went out for a meal. I always have Toffee and Oreo which is so nice and the variety of ice-cream is incredible.

So that's it for this post and I hope you enjoyed this post, I wasn't really sure whether to post it or not but I'm glad I did! I have planned a results day post but it won't be posted until I am back at Sixth Form as it is going to be "Lets get motivated". It wasn't the best day ever and my results we not what I was expecting but I'm not sure what I expected in some ways.

Good luck to everyone who is getting there GCSE results!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Summer: What's in my carry on?

Hey guys, so as I am going on holiday to Spain I thought this summer I would do a 'what's in my carry on bag'. I have never actually done this or done anything like this in fact so I'm not sure how to do it and stuff. However if this goes well I will do a 'what's in my school bag' in my lil back to school series which I am trying to plan out now! Anyways, lets get started!!

The bag I am using is actually my school bag. Well I couldn't use my rucksack due to it being too big for ryaniar's bag sizes for your second bag. This is because we aren't taking a large luggage bag instead we are just taking carry on bags as it is easier for us all. Therefore we will be buying certain things out there like shampoo, conditioner and deodorant. My bag is from New Look however I did get it a while ago so I doubt they sell it anymore. It has lasted me a long time though which is great. 

Next to what is actually in my bag! First is the important stuff like:
  • Passport
  • Phone
  • Headphones
  • Charger
  • Me Before You
  • Glasses case
  • Sunglasses case & sunglasses 
  • Purse
  • Tangle Tezzer
  • Cath Kidston beauty bag
    • Paracetamol
    • Strepsils
    • Tissues
    • Tampon
    • Hair grips
    • Bobbles
    • Ear rings
    • Pen

So that is the contents of my bag, there isn't that much as I tried to fit as much as I can into my other bag and this is what i'll want on the plane! I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you next week for my results day post.... 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Summer: FOTD 2016

Hey guys, since last years 'face of the day' my make-up collection has grown and well I have learnt new things about make-up. And as it is hot, well it was hot, I have just scrapped foundation all together. Well just for summer due to the heat. Now lets get on with the look.

Due to me not wearing foundation I have had to make sure I put on my moisturiser as it has SPF 15 in. However it is only the light moisturiser as that is the only one they do with the SPF and well thats what i want it for. As I feel that when you put sun cream on your face especially it gets all sticky on your face.

Now lets start with the actual make up look:

 Collection Lasting perfection concealer

Miss Sporty Studio eyebrow kit
Rimmel London Brow this way

Rimmel London Stay matte powder
Collection Contour and Highlight palette

I used the shades Bootycall, Chopper, Suspect, Pistol and Verve.
Bootycall in the corner of my eye to highlight, Chopper all over and the other 3 under my eye.
Naked 2

Max Factor False lash effect Mascara
Maybelline NY Lash sensational mascara

Lush Bubblegum lip scrub
L'Oreal Paris 'collection exclusive by JLo'

These are also the brushes and beauty blenders I used to create this look!

This is the finished look, also if you head over to my instagram you can see what I am getting up to whilst I am on holiday as you can now post stories on instagram which I am liking even though I love snapchat! The link to my instagram is on my 'Contact me/Social Media' page 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

July Favorites

Hey guys, so it's that time of the month again! Favourites times!! This month consists of Beauty, TV shows, Films, Books, Food and Youtube. My introduction always seem so boring as I never really have much to tell you but I shall right now! So I am off to Spain on Saturday and well it hit me yesterday that I need write blog posts and well pack. Which I haven't done anything like in preparation! I went shopping today and well Primark is bringing in autumn/winter clothes but oh well Its fine. I am so excited for Autumn though as I don't know I love colder months.

I didn't actually plan on using the Avon spray but mine ran out so i used my mums for ages and well it actually works well, especially with my glasses. And well I have ordered myself one which I'm excited about and it is brilliant, keeps my make-up on all day!

Next is one of the NYX Soft Matte Lipstick, I picked one up when I went to London last week. I got it in the shade Cannes which is a pinky kind of colour. I thought it would be a great colour to wear when I go to spain as I already have so many nude colours. However I do want them in the shade London and Abu Dhabi. As you can tell they are named after cities in the world which is a wicked idea! They are still doing up the Boots in Derby however the NYX stand has opened in Nottingham and well I'm so excited to raid it when I get some money.

Of course my Kylie Jenner: Lip kit was going to make an appearance in my favourites this month, I mean it was pretty obvious! I have been wearing this quite often and especially on days where I wanted my lipstick to last a while and can't be bothered to keep re-applying it. Like when I went to London last week it lasted all day and I wore it when I went to Nottingham Pride on Saturday. My friends are always like "I love your lipstick, what is it?". Which makes me happy and well finally I have mastered the lip liner which is great but it means I will most likely be buying a lip liner with my next lipstick.

Finally is a LUSH face mask, it is called Cupcake and I have heard quite a few people my age rave
about it and I have wanted a face mask for ages from LUSH. So I gave in a purchased it when I was in London. I have used it twice so far and it is wonderful! I love the smell and it is just amazing, makes my skin feel great after having it on.

TV Shows:

My friends actually recommended Orphan Black for me to watch and well it took a while to kind of get the jist of the story line and what was actually happening but I do love it! I have actually just finished season 4 which is the latest season that is out and on Netflix. Basically it starts off by a someone witnessing a woman who looks exactly like her kill her self just as she gets off her train. That isn't the best explanation but if you have Netflix it is on there, however it is a 15 and can get quite gruesome at some points so be prepared. 


Next is something completely different, it is the book Me Before You. I am currently reading it and have also fallen in love with it. No, I haven't seen the movie yet and I don't plan on seeing it until I have read the book! But I have got something to look forward too and I can't wait to finish reading it. I thought instead of trying to explain the book I would take a photo of the back of the book so you can read it yourself!!


The next two are films that are only out in the Cinema, I went to see Now You See Me 2 the other week when it came out and then Star Trek Beyond on Sunday morning. I loved Now you see me and was so excited when they announced there would be a second, it was brilliant and very funny. Full of magic and illusions! Next Star Trek Beyond, it was such an amazing film and full of emotion. Parts that made me smile and laugh and other parts that made me cry. It was a good job there was only 3 of us in the cinema! 

I have never really food into a favourites but oh my gosh I have eaten them both so much and they are just amazing. I take a nature valley bar everywhere with me, just in case I get hungry and I always have them as my snack when I'm at Sixth Form. 

The sausages on the other hand I found at Explorers as they are what we get for the 'vegi weirdos'. Yes that is what my leader calls them, I think we only have 2 but still. Anyways, they are so nice and I prefer them to quorn but my mum likes quron sausages more so I get these all to myself. I have been having them with salad for my lunches some days.


I have watched these guys for a while and I don't know why but I have well stopped watching certain youtubes like all the time, and well these guys I watch all the time. If they upload a video I'll add it straight to my 'watch later' playlist so I can sit down and watch all of my favourites later. Meredith and Teala both have Vlog channels too but they have only just started to vlog which is great and they are together a lot so it's funny to watch them one after the other.