Thursday, 26 January 2017

January Favourites 2017

This months favourites is quite small but they are all brand new things to me so its a nice change. However its the first month of the year and I haven't been shopping yet so, hopefully next months will be better and I'll find some new and more favourites. But if you want see what I have been loving this month then carry on reading, first of all is my beauty favourites.

My first favourite this month is a lipstick by Rimmel London. It is one of their new Matte lipstick's called, 'The Only 1 Matt Lipstick' and got mine in the shade Trendsetter which is vert similar to the MAC Velvet Teddy. It is just slightly lighter than Velvet Teddy but is honestly my new favourite lipstick! The formula is great, it is matte and it do stay on your lips for a while not Kylie a while but it's great. I have been wearing everyday since I bought it back in December. I 100% recommend it and any of the colours as there are some beautiful ones in the collection.

Next is a long awaited one and I have been itching to write all about this but have waited until I finished it, which was a few weeks ago. And that is the TV Show, Gilmore girls. I have been watching this for a while and finally this month I have finished all 7 seasons but I haven't started to watch 'year in the life', as sounds weird but its nice not to watch something all the time and instead i've watched youtube and some movies instead. That doesn't mean i don't love the show, of gosh no its the opposite of that.  Honestly this is now one of favourite tv series and I am already wanting to purchase the box set so I can watch it all the time even if I have no internet or stop having netflix.

Next is a movie I saw in the Cinema when I went down to Essex with my Family after Christmas, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Technically it is a 'December Favourite' but it is still out in the cinema (actually not sure) but I wanted to mention it! I think everyone had mixed ideas about this movie but oh my gosh it was amazing, I loved it all so much and will be watching it again straight away when it comes out on DVD. I keep trying to get my mum to see it so I can go again. They have also just announced the name for the new star wars movie and I am so excited!

The last 2 are music favourites, the first is the song How Far I'll Go by the wonderful Alessia Cara. It is the song from the new Disney Movie Moana. Some of the youtubers I watch had been raving about it and I had heard parts of it in their vlogs and snapchats but I never listened to it and then I decided to give it a listen. When I first listened I knew most of the lyrics as I heard some of the song and it was added to my favourites on Spotify straight away! It is such a great song, and I love Alessia Cara as you guys know. Can't wait to watch the movie when it is out on DVD.

Finally is a movie but it is all the complete soundtrack from the movie. Again it is a Disney Movie but it is honestly great! It is Trolls. I have been listening to the soundtrack on repeat non stop for the past week, I am so obsessed. It such a happy soundtrack and I love all the singers/actors in it, from Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel and Ariana Grande. The movie is fabulous too!! I recommend it so much, I have fallen in love with every aspect of Trolls! And found a new love for Justin Timberlake.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have all had a great start to 2017 lets see if we can make this year better than last year! I hope you enjoyed this post, I'll see you all next week.
Love Meg x

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Make-Up Haul

So I was in need of some new things which you guys will have seen before but I bought a new foundation and have been wearing it for a few weeks. I have fallen in love with it! However it sucks that even the lightest shade is slightly too dark.

But lets get into the products I have picked up recently. First of all was a new eyebrow kit, so you have seen this before. I really want to try a nyx one that is like a dupe of the dip brow from Anastasia beverly hills, but I haven't managed to pick it up yet and I know I like and can use this one. This one is a shade too dark though, which is annoying but I shall try to make it work.

I got another repurchase, and this time it was the maybeline colour tattoo in the most popular and typical shade ever, but it is honestly my favourite eye shadow and colour. The shad is of course, On and on Bronze! I got my first one back in September 2015, which actually longer than i thought. But I do wear it quite often, by itself and with my Naked 2. It is a great base but also a great plain colour on your eye. One of my favourites! Might have to get these in different shades too.
The next two, and final two, are completely new and random purchases if I'm honest. The first is a new foundation, usually this takes ages but I saw it and thought "I have heard good reviews and it's my colour let's try it!" And I have been wearing every since I got it and it is fabulous. It is almost my skin colour, only a tad too dark but you can't really tell so it's great. It is the L'Oreal True Match foundation. I agree with what it says on the packaging, it is super bendable and I honestly love it so much. It is a great foundation so far. 
Finally is a lipstick, which I have honestly been wearing nearly every day since I got it back in December. It is one of Rimmel London's new matte lipsticks, in the shade 'Trendsetter'. It is such a perfect nude colour, and is almost the same as Velvet Teddy by MAC. It is slightly lighter then Velvet Teddy but its just as good and not as much. So if your on a budget and and want a good nude lipstick then try this out! There is such a great range of colours in the collection too, I think I will be picking up the red or pink nearer summer time.  

I honestly love these products so much, they are great and can all be found at the drugstore which means they aren't too expensive. Again I have linked them all so you can find them online. Thank you for reading and I will see you next week .

Meg x

Thursday, 12 January 2017

2017 GOALS

A new year has begun which means a new set of 'goals' are in order, and I put a lot of consideration into these this year however some are the same as last year due to them not happening. I'm not really sure what will happen this year, I feel like it will be a good year (hopefully) as mum and I might be going to some places in Europe and I am turning 18 in March.

I actually sat thinking about my goals for this year and it has taken me a while to come up with some things.

1. Pass my Theory Test 
2. Pass my Driving Test 
3. Become more independent 
4. Get a job
5. Generally be a happier person
6. Spend more time with my friends
7. Go to London for my 18th
8. Go to Amsterdam
10. Travel to new cities with friends
11. Be happy with my self, in every way from my body, to my mental health, to my friends, to my life in general.  This is my main goal of the year and well I think it will be difficult but it's worth a shot, even if i'm not 100% by 2018 but i'm nearly there then I will be happy. As I will have tried. 
12. Be healthier
13. Complete my Queen Scout Award
14. Become a Scout Leader
The main focus this year is more travelling, and I have always wanted to travel and it will be great to share these all with you too. Mum and I are actually in the process of planning and booking London for my 18th which is super exciting. 

Being independent links to passing my Driving tests, travelling more but also getting a job. Especially as I'm turning 18 I will be an adult which doesn't seem real and even though I will still be at Sixth Form for another year I won't have the independence of University this year but I want to be prepared for it all and not rely on my parents as much.

Meg x

Sunday, 8 January 2017

2016 Favourites

I have found so many new things to love this year as my knowledge and love for make-up has grown along with my make-up collection, along with just finding new things and enjoying this year lots. Even if the year has been awful for honestly everyone, I have had a great year but also a rollercoaster.... Well, if you want to know about my favourites from 2016 then carry on reading.

Make-up wise there is just one product and that is my Kylie Matte Lip Kit, in the shade Candy K. I have been wearing this liquid lipstick since I bought it back in the Summer, it goes everywhere with me however I think it is beginning to run out so I'm not using it as much now. It is honestly so beautiful and love the formula of it on my lips, I love the fact it doesn't leave a mark on drinks or something which is great for drinking water as when I wear other things I aways have to clean the lipstick off.

Movies & TV shows:
In terms of movies, I haven't spoken a lot about them this year, in terms of new ones. But my favourite 3 from this year were all the 3rd movie in that story line which is quite strange. I have real love for Marvel films, they are honestly my favourite things along Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter etc. Civil War was bigged up so much this year and my friend and I got scared it wasn't going to be as good but wow it was amazing, Captain America is my favourite Avenger! X-Men has been re-done and they have all been great, this one has to be my favourite out of the three - X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past and finally X-Men: Apocalypse. Next Star Trek, I never really watched the TV show or anything but I love the movies and the actors/actresses they have picked to play them. They are all so brilliant and the story lines are great in all of them!
Onto TV shows and I only have two this year, the first of course is Awkward and it is the greatest thing. I can't wait for the second half of season 5 to be added to Amazon prime so I can binge watch it all again! I have talked about this before so you already know all about it and my love for it! The other is a show called Shadowhunters, and this is again an American TV series based on 'Freeform' however it is a Netflix original series so that was I watch it on. It is very different to Awkward however quite similar to the other shows I watch like Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries. It's quite difficult to explain so I have linked the IMB page but it is brilliant and would recommended especially if you liked the movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. 

I only have one book favourite as well this year I haven't read much or found any good books that I have enjoyed, but the one that I enjoyed was Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I read this whilst I was on holiday this summer and honestly it was great I recommend it so much! I am yet to watch the movie but I always try to read the book before hand. 

The first fashion item has you see above is a baseball top from a website called, I originally bought this for my vamps concert however it didn't arrive in time and was rather too big. However I made it work and I love the fact it is bigger on me, it's my favourite thing. They actually don't have it on the website anymore but they have similar things, which are linked above, and all say the same thing. The reason I love it so much is because it is a reference from Clueless which is my favourite movie, it is a song they have on at one of the parties. Next is my vans and they are my second pair of old skool vans, my first were black with some flowers on and my favourites has been the plain black ones! As they are a mix of black and some white they go with every outfit and seem to be quite popular now. However with these shoes the laces tend to be too long so I change them to thicker and shorter laces which I think looks better.

  • The Vamps
  • Bastille
I went too, I think 4 concerts this year and 3 of them were so great. The first was back in April last year, and that was The Vamps on their arena 'world tour' and it was fabulous. It was my first time seeing them from the 'Wow pit' which is an area of standing right next to the stage but was split by a runway, so you were either right or left side - James or Connor's side. It was great and I was so close to them and their concerts are always my favourite things. I had an amazing time and got to spend time with people who love them just as much as me, and my Internet friends. I loved the concert so much that they were near me again the following Friday so my friend and I bought the cheapest tickets there was and headed up to Sheffield to watch them. 

Next was actually my final concert of the year and that was Bastille on their Wild World Tour. Mum and I had been in love them and their music for so long and when we found out they were touring we were so excited and knew we had to see them. The tickets went on sale whilst Mum was in a meeting and I was in a lesson however it was a 'laid back' lesson so I managed to purchase them. We ended up getting standing tickets as that was all that was left however that made the experience of the concert even better. But not when you escape to the toilet in the break and then can't find your Mum. So I looked so lost and annoying to all these people, some girls were like 'whats wrong' and I replied 'Oh sorry, I'm looking for my Mum' a 17 year old lost looking for her mum, not a good look... However a really nice woman obviously was near me and Mum so showed me back to here, it was so nice and I have never known someone to do that at a concert. Once I finally found her we ended up having an amazing time, however I wore new shoes and had terrible blisters so ran to the bus in my tights which was not a good look..
In terms of their music, the Vamps released their new album last year (2015) and also a new single this year (2016) called 'All Night' which were both great and have been on repeat a lot lately. Bastille also released their new Album which is called Wild World and has some amazing new songs that I would recommend so much. They have such a great sound, and their songs are great even if they are slightly depressing when it comes to the lyrics. 

I found some great new youtubers and well I picked two who I watch constantly and well I just love their channels. The first is Remi Ashten however it's not her 'main channel' that I have fallen in love with but instead it is her vlog channel with is called RemLife. I honestly don't really have a reason why i like them but I do, right from the beginning I love them as she has a great introduction with fab music which I do sing along to each time and my mum automatically knows I'm watching Remi now when it plays. She has the cutest dog called Daisy, and lives in LA and well I just love LA! She is currently in Hawaii and travels quite a lot and tends to vlog then also, I have a lot of love for travelling and she always finds the nicest places to go which makes me a little jealous. 

Finally my last favourite of the post and for youtube, is Mel Joy and I think I have mentioned her before in a favourites but I'm not sure. She is the same age as me, 17, well slightly younger so she its nice watching someone the same age. Her videos are great, both her vlogs and main channel videos. She has actually just reached 1 million subscribers which is crazy, but I am so happy for her!

Well that is it for my 2016 favourites, I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any recommendation in terms of anything then leave me a comment and I'll check them out. Especially good clothing stores as I always struggle to find the things I like.

Monday, 2 January 2017

What I got for Christmas 2016

I sat and debated whether or not to actually do this, but it's always super popular as everyone is so nosy and just wants to know what everyone got. So I have decided to do my first post for, 'What I got for Christmas'. I just want to say that I am very thankful for all these gifts, and I am no way bragging or anything I'm honestly just posting it because Jodie persuaded me to and they are so great to read. I hope you all had a great Christmas and spent so much time with your family as well that's what it's all about!! So if you want to find out what I got, then carry on reading.

My first present was a joint present from my Mum and Dad, however it wasn't just for Christmas it is also joint with my 18th Birthday in March. This was a Apple, MacBook 13 inches. And I am so great full for this gift, as I have wanted one for a while now and my laptop is on the verge of dying after 5 years of use. 

One of my stocking fillers this year was a 'M' mug, along with a beautiful little flowery coin purse, an Avon Nail Varnish, Avon Eyebrow kit and some Chocolate Coins

Next is a DVD from my brother, as we both always want the same discs Mum just ordered 2 and randomly picked who would get what and I got X-Men: Apocalypse which I love so much. 

My cousin has recently got engaged back in October, and her and her fiance we're kind enough to buy us something this year. The first was a cute Nutella set which was a plate and 2 mini Nutella jars, and Central Intelligence on DVD. 

For the past 3 years I have gotten the new season of Big Bang Theory from someone in my family as they know how much I am obsessed with it. This year my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin were kind enough to buy it me - Season 9 of Big Bang Theory, along with a new set of Make-up Brushes called Make Me Up, Professional Brush Set. 

My Nanna and Grandad were kind enough to buy me a new pair of PJ's, which I actually picked out myself along with a new pair of Slippers as I was in desperate need of them both. Along with some fluffy socks, a Lush Bubble bar - Candy Mountain and the cutest Nail Varnish Set.  My Nanna is actually so crafty and she made a cracker and then filled it with some nail files, 2 nail varnishes and the toe separator thing you can use for painting toe nails.

Every Year, after we have eaten we do this thing called 'tree presents' which say 'from Santa', and this year it made us laugh because everyone had 3 apart from Nanna as she hadn't bought one for her self. From 'Santa' this year I got a Nivea set which contained a Shower Cream, Roll-on Anti-perspirant and Lip Balm, a Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, a Mini Snow Fairy and a new Umbrella.

I went down to Essex on the 27th December to see my Dad and my other half of the family, and had almost another Christmas Day in some way. My Grandma and Grandad, again got me The Vamps 'wow pit' tickets for their next tour in May which I am super excited about! Along with two Lush products, Lush Bath Bomb, Father Christmas and Lush Bath Ballistic, Tisty Tosty.

From my Uncle and my cousins I got Teen Wolf, Season 3 and Season 4 which I am so excited to watch as season 2 is honestly my favourite season so far. I have actually already ordered  a USB external DVD drive for my mac so I can watch it soon!

So I hope you enjoyed this post and had an amazing Christmas!! Again, I am so thankful for all these presents and I love my family so much and I hope you all have a wonderful break and new year!! Thank you for all my family who bought me presents this year, I am so grateful for everything.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you next with my 2016 favourites!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year, New Me | 2017

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful night and best of luck for 2017!

'New Year, New Me?' I mean what a cleshay, but after the roller coaster of a year we have just had I wanted a new perspective on things and well needed a few changes in my life if I am honest. I think everyone says that but after my first year of Sixth Form going terribly round my perspective on it all has changed but I now want to change myself and well get healthy etc. Mainly due to me completing my Queen Scout Award, so i need to be prepared physically and mentally for it!

However, the first thing I want to do before I start looking at everything I want to change I want to look back at my 2016 GOALS
  • Take cute polaroid photo's with all my friends and family - This actually did happen and my polaroid wall has grown a lot over this year but not as much as I would have wanted it too. 
  • Snack less  - I kind of did and didn't, I snacked less on like rubbish foods like Chocolate and Crisps and instead ate my Nature Valley bars or had an Apple. 
  • Be a morning person - If i'm honest i'm still trying on this, however I now tend to automatically wake up at 8:30 when I don't have an alarm set which is good because it's not too early but it's not too late that I feel like i've missed half of my day. 
  • Learn to drive & pass my driving test!!! - I have finally started learning to drive after turning 17 back in March, but I haven't passed yet as I only started back in September but I getting there! 
  • Get a car - I actually have got a car, even though I haven't passed yet. There is also a long story behind me getting my car, as my Dad wanted a new car so asked me if I wanted his old one and obviously I said YES! So I got a car, but hadn't even started learning yet. However I finally got it, exactly 3 months away from my 18th Birthday and now my baby sits on my drive waiting for me to pass. 
  • Go to a festival with my friends - This sadly didn't happen as we left it too late and we were all struggling for the money, so instead we had some great parties in the summer which meant I still got to party and spend a lot of time with them in the summer. 
  • Get a job - So this definitely still has not happened, and honestly I am so laid back about getting one and I'm always like "I'll take a load of CV's with me when I go into town" which never happens. So it's my main mission this year.
  • Pass my A-Levels - The answer to this is actually a yes, as I found out my grades do actually count and are not considered a fail however I wouldn't really class them as a pass myself. 
  • Have an amazing year with my amazing friends - I honestly had an amazing time with my friends, not just my friends from school but also my internet friends. I had such a great year and have so many amazing memories, it was such a great year compared to 2015.
  • See more of my internet friend's  - I got to see a lot more of my internet friends, when I say The Vamps on tour and spent 3 days with them and had the best time and also met some new people. 
  • Meet more of my Internet Friend's - I met quite a few new people this year, one of them being Jodie who is a fellow blogger and an amazing person. We had been friends kind of for a while via twitter and finally I met her and ended up having a great night. I also met more people at The Vamps tour and will hopefully be trying to see them again on their next tour in May. 
  • American Exchange - Sadly non of our Exchange came over and we didn't get to see them again, but one of them did the exchange again this year and is coming over so hopefully I'll see her! 
  • Get a tan -  Honestly it did happen but not a lot, I mean I tanned for me but compared to my Mum and Brother who tan England I was still pretty pale. 
  • Blog more - I have blogged a lot more and actually wanted to, and well enjoyed it a lot more. But I still need to up my game
  • Be a happier person - Finally, this has happened and have been a lot happier this past year and made every day worth while even if I have ended the day crying. 

Overall it has been a great year, but in terms of the rest of the world it has been awful. Mainly with the amount of people killed and the amount of people who have just died. There has been jokes throughout the year about countries and who is trying to fuck up the most, with the E.U Referendum and then the Presidential Election. Both terrible and had the outcome that most people did not want to see, even after everyone trying.

Back to the whole "New Year, New Me", this year will be different and I want to make it different. My attitude has finally changed, towards everything, even though I think it's a little too late in my life and made if this had happened back in year 10 then maybe non of this would have happened but I'm glad these things did. As I wouldn't be the person I am today, wow how cringey.

I will again be doing a goals post for 2017 and it will be up at some point during January so keep your eyes posted.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have had a great 2016 or are just so happy that is over and done with! Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. My 'What I got for Christmas' post will be up tomorrow (sorry it's late, just need to take some photos), so I will see you then!