Sunday, 31 July 2016

Summer : 6 things to do when your bored

Hey guys, sorry this is later than usual for a Sunday but I wasn't feeling too good and was out all day yesterday at Nottingham Pride.

Anyway, during Summer you have so much time off and it will come to a point where you don't actually know what to do next. So I decided to give you some ideas to do, as these are some of the things I tend to do.
  1. Go to the Gym or on a walk. You can do this by yourself or with friends, I tend to go to the gym in the morning so I start my day off right or I'll go and walk around the fields near my house by myself with my camera. Also going for a walk will be great if you are a keen Pokemon Go player, will give you the chance to maybe hatch an egg or find some more Pokemon. 
  2. Start a new TV Show. I mean you have so long off and if the weather isn't brilliant like most British summers then it will mean you aren't missing out on getting a tan. Last summer i started a TV show and finished 5 seasons in 3 weeks, and well I didn't leave the house at all but oh well.
  3. Get a new Hobby. It could be anything, something that you have always wanted to try and never really had the time to do it, or it could be something like starting a blog or a youtube channel. Something to keep entertained.
  4. Change your room around. I'm changing my room slightly all year round but as you have so much time why don't you go out and actually change your room to how you really want it. For example stalking Pinterest to find room ideas, even if you don't repaint it just add new decorations or move some furniture around. Something different for the new school year. 
  5. Finally go out with your friends and do anything you want, from spending the day on a park, to going to the cinema, going to the beach for the day, shopping or going to the cinema to see that new movie you wanted to see. Spending time with friends.
  6. Start a book, especially if you are going abroad reading a book will be perfect for sitting by the pool. I don't read that much actually, I wish I read more if I'm honest but during summer I do read a lot more mainly as I go abroad so I get the opportunity to relax and read books by the pool. If you cant think of any books to read check out my 'Summer Reading List 2016'
Speaking of pinterest feel free to check out my account, (I'll link it all bellow) and I do have a board about rooms which might help inspire you if you are thinking of doing number 4! I hope you all have a great summer, are there any posts you would really like to see?

Pinterest: megaanphoebe

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Kylie Lip Kit Review

Hey guys, so as you can tell by the tittle I managed to get my hands on a one of Kylie Jenner's Matte lip kits. I have wanted since they came out and it was actually the day of the year 11's Prom that I got it which was like 3/4 weeks ago. It arrived last Friday however my it got left with my neighbours who weren't in when I got home so I didn't actually get it till this Monday. 

I was out shopping with my friend and I got the notification that Kylie had restocked them and I just panicked in the middle of Sports Direct. I looked at Hannah, my mind had gone black I had no idea which colour I wanted. I went for Candy K and bought it then and there, in the middle of Sports Direct. I had the panic of checking I had enough money in bank mainly because the currency difference was confusing me a little. But overall it came to £34.12 including the shipping from the US, which i thought was pretty good considering you get both a lipstick and lip liner. I did have to pay £1.25 as I wasn't paying in pounds it was US dollars. But I really wasn't bothered as I had been waiting so long.
I finally got the email saying it had been dispatched and you could then track the process so I knew where it was, which made me more excited. I'm so sad I know but... 

I came home from my work experience placement on the 13th to see a royal mail slip on our coffee table. I looked closer and it turned out I had a customs fee to pay. I kind of guessed all the way through that knowing my luck I'd have to pay a customs fee. I wasn't that bothered as I had the money so I paid the £11.50 and selected for it to be delivered on the 15th. When it was delivered on the Friday but no one was in so it went to our next door neighbours. But when I got home they weren't in so I wasn't able to get it until the 18th. Anyways enough about my long boring story about getting it onto the actual product!!

It comes in a black box so you can't actually tell what it is from the outside but once you open it it says 'KYLIE' on the underside of the lid. It is carefully wrapped so the product won't get damaged, underneath the product and on top of it. The next thing alongside the box of product itself is the card from Kylie, which apparently is pot lunch whether you get it so I have heard so I was super excited when I found it in my box as it will be going straight onto my wall at some point.

Now to the actually product, inside the little box you get the lip liner and the liquid lipstick. The packaging of both of them are beautiful and I have fallen in love with everything about it. The only downside to the lipstick is that there is no stopper to reduce the amount of product on the applicator.  Another thing is it can be quite difficult to get off however it stays on your lips for ages, which is brilliant. I wore it for the first time when I went to Blackpool on the 19th July (the hottest day of the year) which seemed stupid because of the heat but in actual fact it stayed on nearly all day and I re-applied it later in the day after I had eaten on my bottom lips as it seems to be fade quicker there, in the middle of my lips. Which it does for all lipsticks as that is like the bit of the lip you use for eating and drinking. 

Finally the smell of the product, oh my gosh it smells amazing! I can't quite put my finger on what it smells like but I like I said I have fallen with EVERYTHING about it. I'm super tempted to order myself Exposed after summer or purchase a dupe of it from NYX as it has finally opened in my local boots stores. 

Have you guys got any of her lipsticks, I kind of want to try her glosses but I'm unsure as I don;t tend to wear glosses that much but they seem different others. I hope you have enjoyed this post, I'm sorry it was uploaded later than usual I had a little trouble with my other post and in the end gave up with it but oh well. 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Life Update | 2016

Hey guys, so since January a lot has actually changed for me and well I thought I'd update you all!! Especially as my camera decided not to work and I was super rushed and stressed Friday night so the post I wanted to post won't be up till next Wednesday, it is all ready for you I just need to take photos which I shall do once I've been to sixth form on Monday.

I wasn't sure how to write this but like well I'm going to right them as numbers, however they won't be in order because I can't remember stuff that great and it just seems cute like this.

  1. Back in March I turned 17!!!! Which meant I could officially learn to drive and well.... I haven't started yet which is crazy I know but I got super busy and it just gave up attempting to organised it, however I am starting in September so *fingers-crossed* I will have hopefully passed by my 18th in March or Summer so I can drive to YNOT which is a music festival near me, me and my friends are planning to go to next year!
  2. I have actually been so happy. Which is bloody amazing and never felt so good, like for the past year and a bit I haven't really been myself if I'm honest and well as my best friend, my favourite teacher and one of my closest friends have said to me they have seen my grow up like a few years in the space of a few months. Just thinking about it makes me so happy and I have the bestest friends ever, that everything just makes me smile no days. Even when I'm sat crying at TV shows or movies I'm smiling to because they make me happy, which seems crazy as I'm crying at them but it makes sense... It will make sense to you if you are also emotional attached to things like that!
  3.  I DYED MY HAIR PURPLE!! I have been purple since the 1st June, well I originally did it semi-permanently on the day of my friends party which was risky af but it all worked out. Especially as it was an emotional day as I hated it at first but then loved it, as well I hated it at the beginning due my head being dyed purple/pink as well as my hair, oops. I actually re-dyed it last sunday as my roots were starting to show and well we had missed patches and I am still slightly brown in places but you can't see them which is fabby. Being purple also makes me super happy as well ever since I was little I wanted to have purple hair and well 17 years old and I finally have purple hair!!!!
  4. I have finished my first year of A-Levels (AS) which was a crazy experience and pretty stressful. I don't think we realised how big the jump between GCSE and A-Levels was. I didn't really hit me until we started being given past papers and revising for our mocks back in December because suddenly they were like you have to sort out your work experience but your mock exams are in 2 weeks! This also links into the reason for my stopping my blog for a while as well now I think if I sit out and plan things, not just blog related but life related and school then I will get into a routine with everything and manage to everything I love! 
  5. My 2016 goals, In terms of the ones I told you guys I have done a few of them which makes me happy and in terms of the ones that are more personally I have managed to achieve a few of them and they are actually the most important ones. One of which was to be happy, and well mission accomplished!!!
  6. I have started looking at University courses which is super scary, I have visited quite a few with my mum and dad which were relatively close and well Reading which isn't. I also visited Nottingham and Derby with school which was great because even though they are 2 local universities they are also both very different and well I have already decided City based is for me. That shows with the two universities I love the most, Birmingham city uni and De Monfort Uni. 
That is it for today's post, I hope you enjoyed this very spontaneous post. Love you lots and will see you on Wednesday!! 

Sunday, 10 July 2016

June Favourites

Hey guys, its June favourites time!!! I'm quite excited about this because well its a bit of a weird one because its mainly make up, tv, films and youtube.

First of all is a foundation, it is MAC Studio Fix Fluid in the shade NW10. Yes yes that is the lightest shade, but it is like the first foundation that matches my face perfectly. It has great coverage and is more of a matte foundation which I defiantly prefer. I always see the coverage difference when I change my foundation for some reason, but its not heavy at all it feels the normal.

The next 2 beauty favourites are both lipsticks and in a way quite similar. As one of them is my MAC lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy and the other is an Avon matte lipstick in the shade Adoring Love. The reason they are similar as well they are both matte but the Avon Lipstick is in fact the MAC lipstick dupe. I adore them both as they are such different colours, I have been wearing the avon lipstick more as I can't wear red lipstick due to my hair being purple. Which is sad but I have made up for that by wearing the pink.

I literally have like no velvet teddy left so my Kylie Jenner lip kit needs to hurry up along with a needed shopping trip to Derby so I can raid NYX. When it does arrive I will of course be doing a review and swatches for you!!

TV & Film:
Orange is the New Black
H2O: Just add water

As most of you will know, season 4 of OITNB came out in June so I decided to re-watch 3 of the previous season and then watched season 4 once I was finished which was around 4 days after it came out. It was such an emotional season and if you are a fellow lover of the show then you will know, I cried so much which is what usually do at most tv shows wow. I highly recommend it, it is such a good tv shows!!

H2O: Just add water is so different but I decided to continue re-watching H20 from about episode 5 I think and became hooked on it again. I'm still watching season 3 however its different to the first as some of the characters change however I still love it all, it was one of my favourite shows that I watched when I was a kid.

Next is the movies, first is Stand by me. Ages ago I created a movie watch list on my phone and eventually made it to Stand by me. I loved it so much, it's weird how much I love old movies. It's also different to other movies because it's not all about relationships and friendships its just about friendships and how one things changes things. How different the 4 boys were but that's what made them such good friends. I also laugh at how they think Will Weaton would have ended up looking like as he looks nothing like that now, as I watch him in Big Bang theory Sheldon constantly makes jokes about the movie which I finally understand!  

Finally movie is The Duff, which I am forever re-watching. I watched it originally on prime but then bought it the other week along with Stand by Me when I went to Reading on a Uni open day. I tend to watch the movie when I am sad as it generally cheers me up so much as the story line is so cute and the end credits song is The Vamps which is amazing. I got my bestfriend to watch it too and she's hooked on it also so its amazing as we can watch it together and cry, oops. 

Kenzie Elizabeth is one my one and only youtube favourite this month! I have been watching her for a few months and im just so obsessed with all of her videos and he dog is the cutest thing ever. I watch both her main channel videos and vlog channel. I love her vlog channel so much as I love the area she lives in, it's where I would want to go if I moved to America. Check out both of her channels if you want! 
Keeping Up With Kenzie

Thank you for reading and I shall see you Wednesday for another post as I my new makeup organiser has arrived so I thought I'd show you it and my make-up collection in one as for me I have kind of a lot but for other people I don't. Considering I only started wearing foundation in year 11 which I am so thankful I started watching youtube as I would maybe still have awful skin.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Prom 2015

Hey guys. I know exactly what your thinking! 'Prom 2015'? but it's 2016 what on earth is Megan going on about. Well it's been over a year since it was my prom, 26th June 2015,  and I never actually shared that experience with you guys and I wasn't sure why. So as its prom season again I thought I'd share it all, it was such an amazing night even though I wasn't in the best place year I made the most of the night. I kind of wished I was happier when it was prom and wish to relive the night so could have more fun with my friends and just forget everything.

I got my hair and make-up done professional which was the best choice I made mainly because of the fact that if I did my own make-up it would have been awful due to the fact I hadn't long got all this new make-up. The only downside was my hair, I disliked it at first but grew to love it.

Dress : ASOS
Bag : Primark
Heels : New Look 

As it says above I got my dress from ASOS and I loved it too pieces, I was also super happy as it covered my legs and feet mainly because I hate feet but also a few days before prom I went out with my friends and got really sunburned so I still marks on my legs and back from the sunburn.  You can't actually see my shoes due to the dress but were just a matching colour of pink and showed too much feet which I hated but I could walk in them and you couldn't see my feet due to the length of the dress, however most of the night I had no shoes on as I was dancing.

I'd also like to mention that some of the photos are terrible, mainly due to how bad the lighting was at the place we had it and the as some of them were taken with snapchat and if you have it then you'll know it makes images awful. Apart from the first image which my dad actually took on his camera! 

See what I mean, awfully lighting. sorry

If you get the chance to go to Prom take it, and have the best time of your life. I think if I had prom now I would probably have planned the car more in advance and got a limo with my friends as we kind of made a mess of the car arrangements. I was also late to meeting my friends so I got no photos with them before we went to prom as my hair took longer than expected. But it was odd as I usually give myself loads of time but as mum set the timings up it was a little rushed but I got to prom and before the rain started!! 

Have you guys got your prom this year or have you already had yours or was it last year like mine? I have a leaving ball for sixth form around this time next year and I will defiantly be posting all about that, my leavers day and maybe even my 18th, which I am super excited for.