Saturday, 20 April 2019

my recent favourites | jan - apr

Since going back to University in January I have found a lot of new favourites, and I thought now would be the perfect time to share them with you all.


For the first time in forever, I have tried out new beauty products. This is mainly because I want to start making a conscious effort to use cruelty-free products and if possible, vegan ones. I had never realised how many brands don't test on animals themselves but the larger company they are owned by are doing this or test on them in China. furthermore, I am trying to move away to other products. Glossier, my all-time favourite skincare, is cruelty-free and so are all of my new favourite skincare & make-up items. If you didn't already know, the majority of Superdrug's own products are cruelty-free so I decided to try out one of their face scrubs. NYX is now vegan-friendly as well as being a cruelty-free brand!! So I jumped on the bandwagon and tried out the 'Can't stop won't stop concealer' and wow it is amazing, my new favourite - sorry collection lasting perfection.

Glossier - Balm Dotcom in Birthday & Rose
Superdrug - Vitamin E Facial Scrub
NYX - Can't Stop Won't Stop Concealer
NYX - Tame & Frame Tinted brow pomade


Gymshark - Everyday Jogger
Nike - Air Force 1


Christopher Robin
The Highwaymen
Captain Marvel
Fiver Feet Apart
The Book Club


The Good Place
Chicago PD
Chicago Med
Jane the Virgin


Since going to University I have tried to watch more and more people who are also doing the same thing, and I came across Charlotte Emily. A 2nd-year Forensic Science student at the University of Lincoln. Charlotte vlogs her uni life as well as uploading to her 'main channel' which I love because you get to see both sides of her, however, I have to say my favourite thing is her vlogs - mainly because I prefer to watch them.

I also LOVE watching American youtubers who are at College, and I came across Abbey Asselin in the gals on the go facebook page and have been obsessed ever since. I came across Maggie MacDonald when another Kenzie mentioned her in a video and again, I have been obsessed ever since. It is so interesting to see the difference between a university in the UK and college in the US.


As you all (probably) know, I LOVE music but then again who doesn't? Since January I have already been to 3 concerts and fallen in love with some new music and some of my all time favourites also released new music! Don't forget to check out my April playlist which is linked in the sidebar, and each month that is where you will find the new playlist.

LANY - Malibu Nights
Busted - Half Way There
Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved
Bea Miller & 6LACK - it's not u it's me
Lennon Stella - BITCH (takes one to know one)
Jonas Brothers
The Vamps - Missing You

I have actually been home from University for 2 weeks now and have one more week left of the Easter holidays, which will consist of working Tues-Fri, watching ENDGAME (I am freaking out about it, not sure I am emotionally ready) and attempting to start my revision for my exams in May. Anyway, enough about my boring life at the moment, I hope you have enjoyed this post and thank you so much for actually reading!!

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

university room tour | first year

I thought it was finally time I got round to share my university accommodation, especially as semester 2 has just finished so I only have exams left to go of my first year. I am currently located on the ground floor of my halls so the lighting is terrible most of the time, especially as I only have one window which isn't that big and we have offices just behind us.

First of all, what you see when you walk through the door. Underneath those jackets and hoodies, there is my wardrobe which contains all my clothes, washing basket, a box of lush bath bombs I got for my birthday and on top of it is actually covered in an empty box, appliances I use but not that often and my toilet roll.

Just before the wardrobe on the left is the bathroom, as I was lucky enough to be blessed with an ensuite room. The bathroom itself is a pretty decent size considering this is student accommodation, the shower, however, is big enough for me but a little too small for my liking - my shower next year is a lot bigger.

As you leave the bathroom, there are 2 hooks on the wall opposite it. This is where I keep my coat and my rucksack - which I use every day for uni.

The overview of my entire room, which I must say was quite difficult to take because of the layout but I managed to sit on my desk for the first shot - which looks very plain and boring. Also exposing the random mess at the top of my wardrobe.

Just underneath my radiator is where I keep all the shoes that I wear the majority of the time and as you can see, I have a wide range of colours...

The shelves above my desk. These have been changed so much since I have been living here, and just recently they were covered in birthday cards but I finally took them down last week. The first shelf is home to the box sets I bought with me - Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Gilmore Girls. Along with a couple of DVDs - Pitch Perfect 1-3, Girls Trip and Solo: a Star Wars Movie. I also have a reed diffuser as we aren't allowed candles or plug-ins in our uni rooms, so I have one in my room and one in my bathroom - both from home bargains. The second shelf is home to my skincare, makeup palettes, water bottle, a travel mug (free from my uni) and cinnamon - for my coffee machine.

Finally, my favourite bit, the pinboard. As you can see I decided to cover it in photos along with some concerts tickets at the bottom (the ones I have been to so far this year), my calendar (solo: a star wars story) and 2 cinema tickets - Captain Marvel and Five Feet Apart. 

So, that is my university room! It isn't the biggest or the best but compared to other accommodation I have seen at other University I think I am quite lucky. My room is also next to the kitchen so I can sneak into the kitchen without the light in the corridor turning on. Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this snapshot of my uni accommodation and how I decided to decorate it.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

photo diary | LANY, nottingham

This time last week I was back at home in Nottingham for a concert to see the wonderful LANY. So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do yet another photo diary as they are one of my favourite things to do, especially concert ones. 

Being home allowed me to take a trip to my favourite place, Bunk. If you are from either Derby or Nottingham then I highly recommend you try them out as they have the best food and some lovely cocktails too! Whenever I see Jodie, Sophie and Lauren we ALWAYS go out to Bunk.  


Thick and Thin
Good Girls
Yea, Babe, No Way
I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore
Taking Me Back
Made in Hollywood
Valentine's Day
If You See Her
The Breakup
Pink Skies
Super Far
Malibu Nights

Thru These Tears

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