Thursday, 3 January 2019

what was my 2018 really like | 2018 review

2018. What a year. For the past few years, my life has been a bit of a 'rollercoaster' with several things happening. However, this year was actually pretty decent in comparison to previous years. Of course, there were some bad moments, as no one's life is perfect -  just like Hannah Montana said, nobody's perfect. Over the past year, my life has changed a lot but I am so thankful for how much I have grown as a person and ready for 2019 has in store for me.

Sixth Form and University. In the space of a year, I took my A-levels and survived 3 years of Sixth Form (just) and cried on results day. 3 months later I packed my life away and moved to Leicester, started University, submitted my first essay which consisted of 2600 words, completed two more essays and did a presentation. Finally, I completed semester 1 and celebrated with a deliveroo from Creams, Cookie Dough with Nutella and watched Teen Wolf. On Friday, 14th, we finished University and I celebrated Christmas with my flatmates, Laura & Cassidy, and Laura's bf by watching Authur Christmas and eating a curry - a very 'us' thing to do.

At the beginning of University, I was very worried about finding friends on my course. I even started to think that I can sit alone for 3 years and it will be fine, but that hasn't happened. Thankfully I became friends with two girls on my course who are both lovely. I met them on the first day of 'introduction week' and funny story, but there was a huge group of us walking to the first 'welcome lecture' and after it, we split into groups naturally and we laugh at the fact we ended up together and kind of glad we didn't stay with some of the others.

Flatmates. A topic which will either say, 'they are my best friends' or 'i hate them and they annoy the shit out of me'. Thankfully in my case, I adore my flatmates and I cannot picture a scenario of me living with flatmates with whom I hate. It has made my University experience a lot nicer.

Friendships. I started the year with one group of friends and ended the year with another. I lost a few friends along the way and gained some new ones. The friends I lost will not be missed, they were good friends at the time but we grew apart and they just didn't make me happy anymore and I felt myself naturally moving away from them. On the other hand, the new friendships I am so very thankful for. Since being at University it has been strange not seeing certain friends that often but it has made me realise that you don't need to see or speak to someone every day for them to be your best friend. Whenever I am home I always make time for both my friends and family.

Quickly changing the topic but, I have made lots of plans for 2019 already though which I am very excited for, which includes several concerts, 1 in a city I have never been to before and another in an arena I've never been to before, possibly a holiday, my friends visiting me at uni, a flat party for my 20th and a possible trip to London at Christmas time.

Mental Health. This year has been a bit challenging, but I made it through and honestly, I am so proud of myself. I don't want to talk about this too much because I do not want to dwell on the past but I want to talk about something that I conquered, which may seem small to some people but for me, it wasn't.

I have always been a person that hates going to 'new places' alone or just doing things alone. Which back in May I learnt is actually due to Social Anxiety, and since then I have learnt how to help myself feel more comfortable in certain situations that make me feel anxious. It took me a long time to be able to go out to either Nottingham or Derby alone to go shopping and even grab a costa just because of the bus ride there. In September I booked a train to visit one of my friends at University in Leeds, and in October that actually happened. I got on the train late Friday night after University, got a train from Leicester to Sheffield and then from Sheffield to Leeds. It was my first 'long-haul' train and I was so nervous the entire way that I struggled to even listen to music at certain points of the journey. I did, in fact, make it all the way to Leeds. I had the best weekend with Frana in Leeds, even though I did cry a little in Primark. Sadly I couldn't bring myself to get on the train home Monday morning, so instead my amazing dad came and picked me up Sunday evening. Since this happened I have become a lot more comfortable on trains, it just took a little time - mainly just the train journey home from Leicester to Derby. This was such a victory for me, my family were all so proud that I had made it all the way to Leeds on my own and so was I.

Travel. Mum and I took our first solo holiday to Amsterdam and we had the best time! We spent an awful lot of the time walking, doing around 21,000 steps a day, eating pancakes and shopping. During the summer I went back to Spain with my family to celebrate my Aunt's 50th and had such an amazing holiday, apart from experiencing a terrible allergic reaction to something and having to sit half in the pool to stop the pain, but I also finished an amazing book (One of us is Lying) and watched the new season of Orange is the New Black by the side of the pool.

The end. Christmas for me was a little different this year, but just as good as always. Christmas at home in Nottingham with my mum and her side of the family, followed by Christmas no.2 in Essex with my dad and his side of the family. I ended the year on a great note, with my friends. A lot better than last year, when I was sat on a bus when the new year started. 2018 ended with me drinking, eating Chinese, singing with friends and playing games with my friends and ben's friends entire family.

Overall 2018 had some, in the words of Danielle & Brooke (from the podcast Gals on the go), highlights and lowlights. But overall I had an amazing time, it was a bit tough at certain points, for example, my a-levels and the last few weeks of semester one at uni. There was definitely a lot more highlights than lowlights.

I also just want to apologise for my lack of blogging over the last 2 months, University work got in the way and I got really ill near the end of term and just needed a holiday. I had planned to post over Christmas time but in the end, I thought I would instead start the year as I mean to go on, with a blog post. Thank you continuing to read my blog and support it, means a lot and hopefully 2019 I will actually get better at blogging again. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and of course a Happy New Year!!

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Saturday, 10 November 2018

my autumn watch list 2018

It has been a bloody long time since I have done a 'watch list' on my blog, the last one was actually back December 2017. I thought as it is now officially my favourite season it would be the perfect time to share the things I love watching around this time of year.


Gilmore Girls
Scream Queens
Stranger Things
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
A Series of Unfortunate Events


The Harry Potter Movie Collection
Hotel Transylvania 1-3
The Addams Family & The Addams Family Values
Twitches & Twitches Too
The Witches
Hocus Pocus
Lemony's Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events
The Goonies

what is your favourite film or tv show to watch during this time of year?

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Saturday, 3 November 2018

feeling more myself | life update 02

It is finally time for me to sit down and tell you all about how I have been doing the past couple of months, since my last life update back in June when I finished my A-Levels. 

  • I spent the majority of the summer working at my 'part-time' job at a kids holiday club. I love my job and I had so much fun going in every day of the six week holiday and then during term time as well. It was strange when I said goodbye to them as I know I will be going back in Easter.
  • I FINALLY moved into university. Now you're probably sat there thinking 'No sh*t Megan, we already know that' but honestly it has been one of my biggest achievements and I am so proud of my self for actually coming and not changing my mind at the very last minute. 
  • I am now studying (BA) Criminology at De Montfort University in Leicester
  • I went to Leeds to visit one of my friends from school, as she is now studying at the University of Leeds. I went up Friday 22nd October after I finished lectures and ended up coming home on the Sunday evening because it was a little too much for me to get the train home alone (as this was my first train journey alone) - anxiety won basically. Apart from my anxiety making me an emotional mess I was so proud that I managed to make it to Leeds in the first place and had the loveliest time visiting my friend, visiting a new city and comparing out university accommodations!
  • I went home for a day on Wednesday 26th October and got to spend most of the day with my brother and my friends. I took a trip to Home Bargains and Tesco (exciting I know!) to stock up on diffusers from my room as the Christmas ones were in and they make my university room smell amazing - my room currently smells of 'gingerbread' and my bathroom smells of 'warm apple and cinnamon'.
  • For Halloween, my flat decided to host a party on Saturday 27th October and it was interesting to the say the least, but what do you expect for a university flat party! 
  • I have been officially been at University for 6 weeks now (5 'teaching' weeks) and honestly, I am loving every second of it. It did take me a while to adjust and get used to things but that always happens when you go to a new place or start living somewhere new. I have finally got a routine down here (I think) and I am actually feeling more motivated to do my work as well because at first I was struggling to get my head around all the new 'content' and all the assessments I have due in December.
  • My room is starting to feel a lot more like home. In the first 2 weeks, I moved things around a lot and (I think) I have finally got everything the way I want it apart from my pin board as I am in the process of ordering some more photos and quotes to fill it up a little more. 

I hope you enjoyed this little life updates about me going off to University and starting the next step of my life. I am so excited to share my university journey with you over the next 3 years, I am ready to see what the future brings.

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