Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Connor Franta Book Signing

As quite a lot of your probably know Connor came to the Uk to do book signings all over the place. He went to all the big cities like Liverpool and London but weirdly he came to Nottingham - no one famous comes to Nottingham for book signings.

It was such an amazing experience, I'd never met a YouTuber before then or even been to a book signing for that matter. I loved every second of it! Sadly you weren't allowed your phones out during which sucked and you couldn't take a selfie/photo with Connor but the majority of in the book signings in the UK are like that. But after all it didn't matter because I had a lovely little conversation with Connor about the UK and he hugged me. I loved the fact that he wasn't sat he behind a table, he was stood up next to it.

It was such an amazing day and if you ever have the chance to go to a book signing of someone you have followed for ages or have recently started following i recommend you go because it is so amazing. I have probably said that word so much but oh well.

Two of my friends vlogged that day, don't forget to check them out! 
Meg x 

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