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Q&A 01 | School Subjects & Internet Friends?

Hey guys so this isn't actually the blog post I wanted to post this week but as my phone is being weird and won't download any app's I can't currently finish the post as it is mainly about photographs and thye are on my phone. So anyways, I hope you enjoy this and it's only a week early so it doesn't matter.
So earlier this week I ask you guys to to ask me some questions for a blog post on twitter using the hash tag '#AskMeganPhoebe'.

Let's get started then.

"Favourite beauty products at the moment"

I bet you guys are sick about me going on about my favourite beauty products but at the moment I am fricking loving The Nudes by Maybelline NY. It has so many lovely colours that work really well together, they also blend together really well and the colour lasts all day!

"What foundation do you suggest"

Well I have only ever had tried two, but I would definitely recommend them both. They are Rimmel London Lasting Finish and L'oreal Paris Infallible Matte.
Lasting Finish was actually the second foundation I tried as the first one I got was good but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. But Lasting Finish was brilliant but as the weather started to get hotter it started to slide around on my face, especially on my nose where my glasses sit, maybe this wouldn't happen is I used a primer but sadly I don't but it is make up list!
On the other hand the Infallible Matte foundation is overall brilliant and is easy to apply. It isn't as think as Lasting Finish and I also don't have to clean my brush as often now, since I've started using this foundation.

"What is your opinion on Libby"

Well, Libby i love you lots and I find it funny how we met through twitter and the vamps not that long ago but you only live like 10 minutes away from me and know so many people that I know. This proves that we live in such a small world.

"What subject did you take at school"

Well i have just finished my GCSE's and I took 4 options, 2 for 2 years, 1 in year 10 and then 1 in year 11. I took Geography and Music for 2 years, I.C.T in year 10 and Food Technology in year 11. I really enjoyed them all but they were all difficult in different ways. Coursework was quick a big part in all of these subjects and that took up a lot of my time but they did count for quite a lot towards my overall grade. I also did the core subjects, Maths, English literature, English Language, R.E, ICT and Science. I did English Literature, R.E and B1, C1, P1 (core science) at the end of year 10 and the rest at the end of year 11.

"What do you love about internet friends"

I love the fact that we met because we like the same things or people, for example bands and you tubers. I have met so many people through The Vamps, Loveable Rogues and You Tubers.

This photo collage is extremely cringey but these are all the people who I have met through The Vamps and Loveable Rogues. Most of them do live quite close to me but it did take me a while to met them, but once you met them it's such an amazing feeling.
One thing that makes me sad about Internet friends is the distance though, but you can break the distance but then you miss them so much and have to wait ages to see them again.

"Favourite quote"

I have a couple of favourite quotes but my all time favourite has to be from School Of Rock,
No way. That is so punk rock. 
However I do love lots of the quotes from this film as it happens to be one of my favourites, for example You're tacky and I hate you and Just worship the band.
But also I have a lot favourite quotes from Pretty little Liars, Peter Pan, Big Bang Theory and of course Pitch Perfect.

"What place would most like to travel to and why?"

I will have to say America just because I am obsessed with so many different things about it. I watch so many American TV shows, from Big Bang Theory, Lizard Lick Towing, How I Met Your Mother, Ace of Cakes and so many more.
If went I would want to go to so many different places and I would definitely want to visit lots of the place visited on Man vs Food.

"Where in the world would you like to visit and who with"

I would also love to go back to Australia as it is such a beautiful place and I just loved it so much. I would want to tour around all the place i missed last time but also go back to a few of them especially Sydney as there was this amazing pancake place in the rocks near where i was staying, I also have a few Internet friends from there and it would be fricking awesome to met them as i love their accents so much! 
If i had the opportunity to go there again I would probably take my best friend with me or my mum because I know how much she wants to go back.

If you have any other questions you want to ask me either comment them down bellow, ask me on instagram or tweet me!
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I hope you enjoyed reading this and I will see you in my next post
Meg x 

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