Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Countryside Adventures

 I went on a little adventure last week with my camera along my local public footpath and thought I'd share the photos I took along the way. As I wanted to try out and play with my camera out and about as I have only really taken pictures around the house!

Before you start reading I just want to mention something. So I am currently away on an international scouting and guiding jamboree called Peak. It is held at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, near Bakewell. If you want to find out what it is all about and what happens check out the website -
It is only a week long but then I am away for 3 weeks on holiday with my family, so from now on all my posts have been pre written but some will be summer/holiday related!
Well I will shhh now and let you read this post!
I hope you guys have a lovely summer as everyone should now been on holiday if you weren't already. Enjoy!!

This tree was one of my favourite things to take a photo of as it's sat at the top of the hill and I'm not sure but I just love it!

They have put these gates around this footpath because over the past few years the farmer has moved his horses into the filed. So we can no longer go sledging in the snow down the hill but at least the fences look cute in photographs!

This has only been one of my favourite places to go when I was a kid because it was just a random bridge over some grass, well what looks like grass but when it rains it is quite swamp like so you have to go over the bridge! I once tried walking around it and almost lost my one of my wellington boots, so I know always go over the bridge.

This little bridge type thing hasn't always been here, it use to be very messy and the stream was just like there and there was only a few stones between the path and the stream. But now there is a cute little bridge over it and then it flows along side the path.

I hoped you enjoyed this post and I will see you next time.
Meg x 

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