Sunday, 4 October 2015

Internet Friends

I have never really thought about writing about Internet friends because a lot of people don't think they are real because you haven't met them or are just jealous that you have so many friends outside of school. However the majority of those people are out partying where as I'm watching a film with my family, going on walks or sat in my room watching netflix.

I have 'met' quite a lot people through twitter but because of what we like, for example The Vamps, Loveable Rogues and YouTubers. I have 'met' lots of people because of them and one of the people I have met is also the reason I'm writing this as she told me it would be a good idea!

When you first start talking to new people it always difficult because you never know what to say as you don't know what they like and what they are like as a person. That doesn't change on the Internet. When I first started talking to Faye who I now call my Best Friend, it was awkward and we didn't really know what to say. It took us a while to get comfortable with each other. I remember when I FaceTime'ed her for the first time before me met, mainly because Hannah had forced me too because she said it was weird that I was meeting her and hadn't spoken to her properly. Which was true and I was super excited all week to call her and it was weird and awkward at the beginning because we just didn't really know what to say. But that happens when ever you meet a new person, even if it's on the Internet or in real life.
Notts Squad / Hot Squad - Brooke, Libby, Me, Faye, Brad, Lucy, Tariro , Ciara and Leah
One of the things I love most about Internet friends is that you can create group chats and meet new people. I have been in about 3 and they were amazing because we talked 24/7 but that meant I woke up to about 400 messages in the morning. Someone was always awake if you wanted to talk to them, if someone saw a fit boy they had to send photos otherwise it didn't happen and you stay up and tell stories with each other when the band you love are in America but are doing a follow spree at 3:00am and you need his follow!  Yes that is true, I stayed up until 4:00am to get my Brad Simpson follow on twitter. But it wasn't boring, everyone in the group chat stayed up and we were telling each other weird stories that had happened to us. 
The group chat I am in now is a group of people from Nottingham, Jake Clemmence and Adam Waithe. We all went to Connor Franta's book singing together and if something happens near Nottingham we all go together which is great!

There are some downsides to Internet friends though, which sounds weird I know but originally my mum didn't really like the idea and she even came with me when I met Faye. After a while she was fine and when i mention she just goes "from twitter?", "yes mum".
The other thing is distance, everyone lives everywhere. England, Ireland, Scotland, America and Australia. "You can bet distance but it's the missing them that's hard", my friend Hannah actually said this and it's so true. 

(from left) Georgia, Faye and Me. - 5th May Vamps Tour 2015
Have you guys ever met someone through the internet or someone you love, I'd love to hear your stories if you have - comment them down bellow or tweet me. All the links to my social media accounts are on my Social Media page!
Thank you so much for reading!

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