Sunday, 20 November 2016

18th Birthday Present Ideas

I am 18 next March and a lot of my friends are turning 18 soon or next year like me, some are already 18. As it is a big ish birthday in England I thought I give you all a few present Ideas, but also to help me come up with some things for my friends.
  1. Buy them something 18 related, like anything you will find in a card shop. An 18 key-ring or wine glass (as they can legally drink)
  2. Get a group of friends together and buy them either a voucher for something they will really love or a present they will really love, like make-up, a game or clothes. 
  3. A cute photo frame or something similar, it is always a cute idea especially as you will all be going different ways at the end of sixth form/college. 
  4. This is a little pricey, but it depends how much you spend on your friends. But this would be a good present from a few friends, and this a Polaroid camera So they can capture their favourite memories over the next years. Especially if they are going off to university, and want a load of great memories. 
  5. Cards Against Humanities, it is such a great party game and just a great game to play whenever.
  6. Any alcohol, they are 18 so can legally drink so why not just get them their favourite drink so they can celebrate.
  7. Their favourite perfume or aftershave.
  8. Jelly shot mould - from prezzybox. I found these online and honestly these are such a good idea and its pretty cute, even if they did them without alcohol.
  9. Wheel of shots drinking game - from prezzybox. Again another alcohol drinking but they are 18 so can legally drink (unless your from America sorry.) but everyone loves a good drinking game and this seems great.  
  10. There are a lot of different experience presents, from driving in a certain car for the day, spa weekend for two, bungee jumping etc. These would also be a great group gift. 
These are a wide range of present ideas but I hope they help, even for someone who is over 18 or under (missing out the alcohol presents). But I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I will see you soon!

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