Wednesday, 9 November 2016

October Favourites 2016

It's finally November and I'm so excited for Christmas now! I'm actually currently listening to a Christmas song, well a Christmas song by All Time Low called Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass. Anyways, I'm a little late doing this but it's here and so lets get started.

The first 2 favourites are clothes, and I don't really talk about clothes mainly because I find it so difficult to find things I like that suit me, fit me and finally aren't too expensive. They are both from H&M which is great, I have recently re-found my love for H&M as i use to shop there then went off it and now my love for it is back, which is strange but anyways.  The first thing is a stripped jumper I picked up from H&M in Camden when I went there with my Dad. I'd say it's cropped but at the same time I think it's too long to be cropped, however it works really well with my next favourite and my trusty TopShop high waist joni jeans. The next favourite is a cord skirt, in black. I picked up in Derby again when I was with my Dad a while ago. I have always loved these style skirts however the denim ones never fitted me properly and looked weird on me and then I finally found this one and fell in love with!

Next is a Lipstick, and it isn't even mine it's actually my Mum's shhh. However she kept using one of my Mac one's so I think we are even! Anyway, it is again a Avon Matte Lipstick in the shade Superb Wine, which is a perfect fall colour. It goes great with the jumper and isn't to drying. I have a pink in the same style and they both last ages and look matte, instead of just looking not very shiny. Which I love, since I got my Kylie lip kit I have been obsessed with matte lipsticks.

Next is music, and this month I have been listening to Bastille non stop as I actually went to see them Live on 5th November. Which was honestly incredible, I'm so glad mum and I got tickets. We were also standing which was crazy but wow I'm so glad we did get standing because honestly you get so much more into the songs If I'm honest, like everyone is dancing so its not weird were as when your seated you can't really dance without looking crazy.

My final favourite this month is a youtuber and that is Remi! I have been watching her ever since Kenzie uploaded a video with her, which was about a month ago. I started off by watching her moving vlogs and got a little obsessed. I seem to love watching vlogs now, especially people who live in LA or America. Quite a lot of the people I watch are actually American. Anyways, Remi's channels.
Main Channel: MissRemiAshten
Vlog Channel: RemLife

I hope you enjoyed this and well, I will see you Sunday (I believe) with a new blog post!

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