Saturday, 11 March 2017

18 Things i Have Learnt in 18 Years

If you guys follow me on any form of Social Media or are my friends (in real life) then you will of course know on Thursday it was my birthday and finally, I am 18!! So I thought I would do a post that I have seen floating around on blogs i read along with some youtube channels, which is of course the '18 things I have learnt in 18 years'. Originally when I decided to do this back in December, I thought to myself that I would have no idea what to write about. But honestly they all came to me in the space of a few weeks, before my birthday. Some of these I have only learnt this year and some I have known for ages, as they have been things my mum has always said to me.

1. We all make mistakes but we need to learn from them. I have always been one of those people that makes mistakes but in recent years I have tried to actually learn from them, so I won't do them again. It is one of those things that is easier said than done, but if you put your mind to it good things will come out of it

2. It's normal to fall out with friends - people fall out, sometimes it for the good and sometimes it is not so good.

3. Change is good. As we grow up, we change. No don't worry I'm not giving you guys the whole talk of 'our bodies are changing'. But that aside, we do. We change as people, and it is good. Most of these 'lessons' I have learnt over the past few years and as much as I wish certain things didn't happen 

4. Try your hardest, if you don't succeed the first time keep going.

5. Sometimes crying is good. I am such an emotional person, it is crazy how much I cry and not just because I am sad but because of tv shows and movies. Everything hits me so hard, and that is ok. Sometimes I need a cry, to cheer myself up almost. So what I do is, I watch an episode of The Vampire Diaries that i know will make me cry but it also cheers me up at the same time.

6. You won't know everything straight away, it takes time to learn things. When it comes to school/sixth form/college/university, it all takes time. You won't learn things right away, you will not come out of either a lesson or a lecture understanding everything you have been taught. If you are like me then you will probably have more questions than answers. However you have to take your time, go over things after the lessons do more research and if needs be go back and ask for me help. It doesn't hurt to ask for help, might be scary or seem stupid, but it will help!

7. If people don't make an effort with you then don't make it back, leave them alone and if they come running back just be wary. When people come running back to you after long periods of time you have to just think, "why are they doing this?" and think whether or not it is worth getting back into the relationship. Think of why they left in the first place and make up your mind from there. Are they really worth it? Sometimes the answer is yes, as you have both changed but other times it a no as you have changed but they are still the same person they were before and it isn't worth the effort.

8. Be yourself - don't follow tends unless it is something you actually like. Honestly I have always tried trends but never always succeed at doing so. I have learnt that you don't need to follow trends in order to be happy or for people to even like you, in fact. Sometimes the trends are something you hate or would never see yourself wearing. if that is the case then adapt it to your 'style'.  If people care for you then they will love you just the way you are, don't change for anyone.

9. Do what makes you happy! How typically of me to say this, but oh wow it is so true. If you enjoy it then do it, who cares what everyone thinks. For example I spend most of my time watching tv shows and movies and obsessing over them but it makes me happy and it doesn't effect anyone else? What I do in my own time isn't their business, it is mine.

10. Don't expect too much. If you expect things then when the outcome comes around and its not what you wanted you will get upset. So it is best not to set high expectation with certain things, because you will probably end up hurt and people won't understand why.

This post got pretty deep but I do hope you have enjoyed it! Thank you for reading!

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