Sunday, 9 August 2015

My Bucket List

Recently I have been gradually adding more and more stuff to my bucket list and I thought I'd share with you what is on it so far.

  • Visit all the places Adam visits on his Man vs Food tour! 
  • Comic Con - San Diego 
  • Tour all Australia
  • Coachella - I mean who doesn't want to go there!!
  • See the Northern Lights
  • See the Pyramids with my mum
  • Husky Sledging 
  • See the Taj Mahal
  • Walk along all of the Great Wall Of China
  • New Year in New York
  • Travel along the entire Great Ocean Road in Australia - 
  • Go to all the Disney World & Disneyland in the world, e.g Florida, California, France, Hong Kong and Japan
  • Ride an Elephant 
  • Go in a Hot Air Balloon

I am only 16 and I am sure as i get older I will add more and maybe even live some of these but I highly doubt I will do all of these or even half of them.
But a girl can dream right?
So do you guys have any dreams or even a bucket list? I'd love to hear all about it, so if you want comment down bellow and we can talk about our dreams! 
Love Meg x

P.S, starting from today i will be uploading at the weekend, so either on Saturday or Sunday depending on when i write the post. I'm doing this mainly becuase of school starting again and even thought I haven't got my timetable or even my results yet but once i'm settled into six form and got everything sorted I will sort out my schedule.
  So guys if you want add it to your dairies so you don't miss a post or check out my 'About Me' page and follow all my social media accounts! 

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