Thursday, 1 December 2016

November Favourites 2016

November favourites time came around so quickly, and it means it is Christmas time. If I'm honest I don't have that many favourites this month as 1) I haven't had the money to buy anything due to spending money on other people for their 18th and then obviously Christmas next month. However I do have some favourites that I thought I'd share with you.

I haven't really got any Make-up products favourites this month instead it is a shower gel. It is by Lush and is quite a popular one when it comes to this time of the year, called Snow Fairy. This is actually a bottle I got last year for Christmas but have just got round to using it and now seemed like the perfect time as they have just come into the shops. It honestly smells almost like cotton candy and has glitter inside it which makes me even more happy.

In terms of music, it is actually my Spotify playlist. It is called Central Perks. It is a variety of old school songs that I have been listening to a lot recently, ranging from things like High School Musical, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Sandi Thom etc. It's kind of just the music that I listened to during the Primary School and then Secondary School. You guys should deffo give it a listen to, the playlist is public on my spotify so give it a listen if you want.

Next is YouTube, and well I have 2. The first was Kenzie's Vlogs, especially her moving ones however there were only like 3 but I have always loved her vlogs. I get so nosy when it comes to youtube, as I get to see how they have everything in their houses' in terms of decor and just inside their apartment. I mean who doesn't love a good apartment tour or whats in my bag video.
Kenzie's Vlog channel: KeepingUpWithKenzie

Next is Travel videos, I have always wanted to travel and one night whilst I was watching Remi's vlog when she was in Portland I decide I should watch more travel vloggers and then (sadly) spent my night searching for new travel vloggers to watch. I came across Hey Nadine and have fallen in love with her channel.

This favourite is a bit random but it is Pinterest. I have been obsessed with it recently, and if I am on some sort of social media it will be this. I am constantly pinning things and I have 23 boards (as I just made a new one yesterday), I'm not even ashamed. It is great to gather ideas and inspiration for so many different things ranging from room ideas, to fashion, study motivation/cute notes, hair styles and food etc.  My account is linked in my Social Media page at the top!
Finally is TV shows, and this month it is something new called Awkward. I have been watching it on amazon prime, however season 5b isn't available to watch yet so I'll have to wait. But anyways, Awkward is about a girl in her Sophomore year at High School (season 1) and he story of lovers and typical troubles she has to face in High School. I got so obsessed with it, and binge watched season 1 in one night.

Sorry about the lighting, the sun set quicker than I expected!

I hope you enjoyed this posts and I will see you either next Thursday or Sunday. As I am going to try and upload every Thursday, and maybe a sneaky one on Sunday it all depends.

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