Monday, 27 February 2017

A Day in my Life | Winter 2017

I was struggling for ideas recently, if I am honest and have been swamped with a lot of work so writing a blog post was honestly making me more stressed. But I have found a great idea for today's post, which will be a range of different things. A day in my life, I thought it would be a different post as I have never really done one of these before and it seemed like fun! So I am going to take you along with me today, show you where I go, what I do, who I'm with and most of all what I eat!

Before you start, be sure to check out my social media they are all on the page at the top or linked on the word 'social media'. I posted a picture from here on my instragam and I have been using the 'instagram story' a lot more recently. So be sure to follow me, if you want!

I have started creating a playlist for each month of the year, beginning with February and will soon be making a March one! So if you want to give it a listen I will have it linked for you

spotify playlist - february 2017

I ended the day but letting my hair air dry whilst I did some school work before eating dinner which I forgot to photograph but it was beautiful. Mum made steak, with roast new and sweat potatoes along with a peppercorn and mushroom sauce, some carrots and green beans.  Before bed I watched GI: Retaliation as it was on Film4 and then went to be around 11pm ish.

So that was my 'day in the life' and my casual and calm Sunday. I hope you enjoyed this and I will see you on the 1st March with a new post! As I got super busy expect 3 posts coming out this week (hopefully). Thank you so much for reading.

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