Saturday, 11 February 2017

My Book List | 2017

I have recently started reading again. I've been reading before bed instead of putting my tv on and it has been great. I have just finished After You, which is the sequel to Me Before You. I actually bought this for my mum for Christmas and she hasn't long finished it either.
I have been accumulating a list on my amazon account of books I have been meaning to order and read but have put it off after I didn't read much on my holiday last year. However I love reading and I want to do it a lot more. Instead of watching TV shows or movies all the time before bed, reading. That doesn't mean I will stop watch TV, oh no I would never! But change it up a little, and see if it possibly improves my sleep in a way. 

The next few books are one's I actually own and plan on reading next, and they seem quite typical for someone my age- if that makes sense. I started reading Fangirl a while ago but never got into it, so i'm going to give it a good go! I also purchased the two John Green Books once I finished The Fault in our Stars as I'd fallen in love him as an author. I read Looking for Alaska and then Paper Towns and fell in love with him even more. So I purchased the other two but then never read them, which is sad and I have just never gone to pick them up again. Finally is Zoe's second book, I have not touched since I got it for Christmas when it came out- honestly can't remember when that was. Again I haven't had them time or really wanted to read so it has been sat their for a while. I loved her first book so much, I am very excited to read this one.
I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and maybe it has inspired you to pick up a book up at some point today. Thank you for reading and I will see you next week!
Meg x 

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