Sunday, 25 February 2018

Photo Diary | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

As you can see from the title, I went on Holiday to Amsterdam over the first 4 days of February half term with my mum. It was a kind of early 19th birthday present (as my birthday is gradually creeping up on me, less than 2 weeks away!)


We didn't have a plan on Monday, we just wanted to find our way around the city plus we had a super early flight which meant we had to be up at 4am (yawn)... We managed to walk about 8.5 miles which were pretty good, however, some of that is because we kept getting lost as everywhere looked the same!


Day two was our first planned day, which started off with a walk around near us looking at the shops and taking a steady walk over to the Anne Frank Museum - our first stop. This was followed by some pancakes, which was located next to the museum!

After a bite to eat at Pancakes Amsterdam, we headed over to the Rijksmuseum which has the famous 'I Amsterdam' sign in front of is, as well as being near the Moco Museum and Vincent Van Gough Museum. 

As you know I am a massive fan of John Green and his books, so of course, I had to go and visit the 'famous' TFIOS bench - where Hazel and Gus both sit in the film, aka Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. If you have seen the film they made of the book then you will understand what happened on this bench. When we found it there was a copy of the book on it (crazy I know!), so of course, we had to photos with it.


Day three was the Heineken experience (where I learnt I don't like it...) followed by a canal trip to the A'DAM lookout which was all included in our tickets. 


Our finally day, where we decided to head back over to visit the Vincent Van Gough Museum as we didn't have time the other day to do that and the Moco Museum.

We has decided we wanted to go back to the pancake place from Tuesday so of course we had to walk back to the bench, also to check to see if the book was still there. 

(sorry for the instagram story caption, but i forgot to save the photo before adding it)
I honestly had such a wonderful holiday away (I think I definitely needed it too), by the final day we kind of knew our way around and got our bearings which was good! I would of course recommend going here to anyone as it is such a pretty place the their are some great sites to see, along with some good shops - including Primark!;) Mum and I have already decided that she wants to go to Paris so we shall have to see. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading / viewing all of my photos from my lil holiday. 
Meg x


  1. wow i love this, im so glad u had fun, i never went to amsterdam, but my sister did, and i love the fault in our stars i wanna go to that bench so badly

    1. thank you aby! it so lovely, if you get the chance you should definitely go x