Sunday, 3 July 2016

Prom 2015

Hey guys. I know exactly what your thinking! 'Prom 2015'? but it's 2016 what on earth is Megan going on about. Well it's been over a year since it was my prom, 26th June 2015,  and I never actually shared that experience with you guys and I wasn't sure why. So as its prom season again I thought I'd share it all, it was such an amazing night even though I wasn't in the best place year I made the most of the night. I kind of wished I was happier when it was prom and wish to relive the night so could have more fun with my friends and just forget everything.

I got my hair and make-up done professional which was the best choice I made mainly because of the fact that if I did my own make-up it would have been awful due to the fact I hadn't long got all this new make-up. The only downside was my hair, I disliked it at first but grew to love it.

Dress : ASOS
Bag : Primark
Heels : New Look 

As it says above I got my dress from ASOS and I loved it too pieces, I was also super happy as it covered my legs and feet mainly because I hate feet but also a few days before prom I went out with my friends and got really sunburned so I still marks on my legs and back from the sunburn.  You can't actually see my shoes due to the dress but were just a matching colour of pink and showed too much feet which I hated but I could walk in them and you couldn't see my feet due to the length of the dress, however most of the night I had no shoes on as I was dancing.

I'd also like to mention that some of the photos are terrible, mainly due to how bad the lighting was at the place we had it and the as some of them were taken with snapchat and if you have it then you'll know it makes images awful. Apart from the first image which my dad actually took on his camera! 

See what I mean, awfully lighting. sorry

If you get the chance to go to Prom take it, and have the best time of your life. I think if I had prom now I would probably have planned the car more in advance and got a limo with my friends as we kind of made a mess of the car arrangements. I was also late to meeting my friends so I got no photos with them before we went to prom as my hair took longer than expected. But it was odd as I usually give myself loads of time but as mum set the timings up it was a little rushed but I got to prom and before the rain started!! 

Have you guys got your prom this year or have you already had yours or was it last year like mine? I have a leaving ball for sixth form around this time next year and I will defiantly be posting all about that, my leavers day and maybe even my 18th, which I am super excited for. 

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