Sunday, 10 July 2016

June Favourites

Hey guys, its June favourites time!!! I'm quite excited about this because well its a bit of a weird one because its mainly make up, tv, films and youtube.

First of all is a foundation, it is MAC Studio Fix Fluid in the shade NW10. Yes yes that is the lightest shade, but it is like the first foundation that matches my face perfectly. It has great coverage and is more of a matte foundation which I defiantly prefer. I always see the coverage difference when I change my foundation for some reason, but its not heavy at all it feels the normal.

The next 2 beauty favourites are both lipsticks and in a way quite similar. As one of them is my MAC lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy and the other is an Avon matte lipstick in the shade Adoring Love. The reason they are similar as well they are both matte but the Avon Lipstick is in fact the MAC lipstick dupe. I adore them both as they are such different colours, I have been wearing the avon lipstick more as I can't wear red lipstick due to my hair being purple. Which is sad but I have made up for that by wearing the pink.

I literally have like no velvet teddy left so my Kylie Jenner lip kit needs to hurry up along with a needed shopping trip to Derby so I can raid NYX. When it does arrive I will of course be doing a review and swatches for you!!

TV & Film:
Orange is the New Black
H2O: Just add water

As most of you will know, season 4 of OITNB came out in June so I decided to re-watch 3 of the previous season and then watched season 4 once I was finished which was around 4 days after it came out. It was such an emotional season and if you are a fellow lover of the show then you will know, I cried so much which is what usually do at most tv shows wow. I highly recommend it, it is such a good tv shows!!

H2O: Just add water is so different but I decided to continue re-watching H20 from about episode 5 I think and became hooked on it again. I'm still watching season 3 however its different to the first as some of the characters change however I still love it all, it was one of my favourite shows that I watched when I was a kid.

Next is the movies, first is Stand by me. Ages ago I created a movie watch list on my phone and eventually made it to Stand by me. I loved it so much, it's weird how much I love old movies. It's also different to other movies because it's not all about relationships and friendships its just about friendships and how one things changes things. How different the 4 boys were but that's what made them such good friends. I also laugh at how they think Will Weaton would have ended up looking like as he looks nothing like that now, as I watch him in Big Bang theory Sheldon constantly makes jokes about the movie which I finally understand!  

Finally movie is The Duff, which I am forever re-watching. I watched it originally on prime but then bought it the other week along with Stand by Me when I went to Reading on a Uni open day. I tend to watch the movie when I am sad as it generally cheers me up so much as the story line is so cute and the end credits song is The Vamps which is amazing. I got my bestfriend to watch it too and she's hooked on it also so its amazing as we can watch it together and cry, oops. 

Kenzie Elizabeth is one my one and only youtube favourite this month! I have been watching her for a few months and im just so obsessed with all of her videos and he dog is the cutest thing ever. I watch both her main channel videos and vlog channel. I love her vlog channel so much as I love the area she lives in, it's where I would want to go if I moved to America. Check out both of her channels if you want! 
Keeping Up With Kenzie

Thank you for reading and I shall see you Wednesday for another post as I my new makeup organiser has arrived so I thought I'd show you it and my make-up collection in one as for me I have kind of a lot but for other people I don't. Considering I only started wearing foundation in year 11 which I am so thankful I started watching youtube as I would maybe still have awful skin.

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