Sunday, 17 July 2016

Life Update | 2016

Hey guys, so since January a lot has actually changed for me and well I thought I'd update you all!! Especially as my camera decided not to work and I was super rushed and stressed Friday night so the post I wanted to post won't be up till next Wednesday, it is all ready for you I just need to take photos which I shall do once I've been to sixth form on Monday.

I wasn't sure how to write this but like well I'm going to right them as numbers, however they won't be in order because I can't remember stuff that great and it just seems cute like this.

  1. Back in March I turned 17!!!! Which meant I could officially learn to drive and well.... I haven't started yet which is crazy I know but I got super busy and it just gave up attempting to organised it, however I am starting in September so *fingers-crossed* I will have hopefully passed by my 18th in March or Summer so I can drive to YNOT which is a music festival near me, me and my friends are planning to go to next year!
  2. I have actually been so happy. Which is bloody amazing and never felt so good, like for the past year and a bit I haven't really been myself if I'm honest and well as my best friend, my favourite teacher and one of my closest friends have said to me they have seen my grow up like a few years in the space of a few months. Just thinking about it makes me so happy and I have the bestest friends ever, that everything just makes me smile no days. Even when I'm sat crying at TV shows or movies I'm smiling to because they make me happy, which seems crazy as I'm crying at them but it makes sense... It will make sense to you if you are also emotional attached to things like that!
  3.  I DYED MY HAIR PURPLE!! I have been purple since the 1st June, well I originally did it semi-permanently on the day of my friends party which was risky af but it all worked out. Especially as it was an emotional day as I hated it at first but then loved it, as well I hated it at the beginning due my head being dyed purple/pink as well as my hair, oops. I actually re-dyed it last sunday as my roots were starting to show and well we had missed patches and I am still slightly brown in places but you can't see them which is fabby. Being purple also makes me super happy as well ever since I was little I wanted to have purple hair and well 17 years old and I finally have purple hair!!!!
  4. I have finished my first year of A-Levels (AS) which was a crazy experience and pretty stressful. I don't think we realised how big the jump between GCSE and A-Levels was. I didn't really hit me until we started being given past papers and revising for our mocks back in December because suddenly they were like you have to sort out your work experience but your mock exams are in 2 weeks! This also links into the reason for my stopping my blog for a while as well now I think if I sit out and plan things, not just blog related but life related and school then I will get into a routine with everything and manage to everything I love! 
  5. My 2016 goals, In terms of the ones I told you guys I have done a few of them which makes me happy and in terms of the ones that are more personally I have managed to achieve a few of them and they are actually the most important ones. One of which was to be happy, and well mission accomplished!!!
  6. I have started looking at University courses which is super scary, I have visited quite a few with my mum and dad which were relatively close and well Reading which isn't. I also visited Nottingham and Derby with school which was great because even though they are 2 local universities they are also both very different and well I have already decided City based is for me. That shows with the two universities I love the most, Birmingham city uni and De Monfort Uni. 
That is it for today's post, I hope you enjoyed this very spontaneous post. Love you lots and will see you on Wednesday!! 

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