Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Mini Haul | Autumn 2016

I had a perfect blog post planned for last weekend and I was so excited to do it and then that day ended up not happening and then my laptop decided to turn off the wireless so it wouldn't connect to ANY wifi networks which annoyed me because I couldn't even do any school work. Anyways, over these past 2 weeks I did some shopping so I thought I'dd show you what I picked up.

 The first thing I got, I wasn't sure about but I also wanted to try one. Which is a lose powder, I wasn't sure what brand to get if i'm honest and I could only find one in Collection. I had seen people use one but they were high end, so I went for the cheaper option. It's called; Collection Sheer loose Powder and it was £2... Which I think is great value and so far it is great, but I only got it Saturday!

Next is a Chocker, and its the typical black velvet one from TopShop. I got this as I had been looking for ages for it, and finally found it. It also goes with my new dress which I got for my friends 18th , as it is also velvet. You will see that outfit and make-up look this weekend!

Next is 2 DVD's and they are the High School Musical Trilogy which I wasn't going to order off Amazon however it was the same price in HMV so I had to get it.. I have managed to watch them yet but I have a movie night coming up with my friends so we will be watching them I think! The other one I was so excited to find as I think it has just recently actually come to DVD. It is Miranda The Finale, which is the final 2 episodes EVER of Miranda which they showed at Christmas time (I think) in 2014. Which seems ages ago but they always take a while to come out. I had recently re-watched Miranda as I have seasons 1-3 on DVD and it always makes me sad that I can't watch it all. But now I can, so Mum and I will be watching this again soon.

Next thing is a little weird but it is a jar from IKEA, but it is for putting my memories in. The one I was using, which was an old Branston Pickle jar, was getting slightly too small so I picked up a larger one from IKEA. I want to decorate it, so when I go looking for Halloween decorations I will find some for it. 
The final thing a Victoria Secret spray, which I picked up from TK-Maxx for about £7.99 instead of £14.99 which I thought was good. I own 2 sprays from VS now, and the only annoying thing is that the closest one to me is either Sheffield or Birmingham. However they have opened one in Lakeside so when I go to Essex I have one near by which is great too.

So that is it for today's blog post! I'm quite excited for posts up till New Year as they are all planned out and I have some exciting things happening. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you Sunday! 

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