Sunday, 25 September 2016

My Movie Watch List, Autumn 2016

I have done a reading list and a music playlist so I thought lets do a movie watch list as I am so obsessed with movies and finding new one to watch. I tend to find lists on IMBD and stalk them, add them to my notes and gradually watch them. It's honestly great finding new movies, I have found so many great new ones from this and I want to share them with you.

This is honestly such a weird list of movies but they are so damn good, I think when it comes to Halloween I might do another post like this about my favourite movies for that time! Because honestly I just love movies, they make me laugh and smile and even cry (a lot sometimes. 

A few of these films are on Netflix and Amazon Prime, if you have them if not you will be able to find them online or super cheap from somewhere like CEX (if your from the uk), HMV or even Amazon. I am constantly shopping for DVD's, if I go out shopping I tend to buy make-up or dvd's instead of clothes which I actually need. 

I have linked the each of the movie's IMBD pages so you can watch the trailers for each of them. Right well that is it for this week's post, I hope you enjoyed this! 

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