Thursday, 12 January 2017

2017 GOALS

A new year has begun which means a new set of 'goals' are in order, and I put a lot of consideration into these this year however some are the same as last year due to them not happening. I'm not really sure what will happen this year, I feel like it will be a good year (hopefully) as mum and I might be going to some places in Europe and I am turning 18 in March.

I actually sat thinking about my goals for this year and it has taken me a while to come up with some things.

1. Pass my Theory Test 
2. Pass my Driving Test 
3. Become more independent 
4. Get a job
5. Generally be a happier person
6. Spend more time with my friends
7. Go to London for my 18th
8. Go to Amsterdam
10. Travel to new cities with friends
11. Be happy with my self, in every way from my body, to my mental health, to my friends, to my life in general.  This is my main goal of the year and well I think it will be difficult but it's worth a shot, even if i'm not 100% by 2018 but i'm nearly there then I will be happy. As I will have tried. 
12. Be healthier
13. Complete my Queen Scout Award
14. Become a Scout Leader
The main focus this year is more travelling, and I have always wanted to travel and it will be great to share these all with you too. Mum and I are actually in the process of planning and booking London for my 18th which is super exciting. 

Being independent links to passing my Driving tests, travelling more but also getting a job. Especially as I'm turning 18 I will be an adult which doesn't seem real and even though I will still be at Sixth Form for another year I won't have the independence of University this year but I want to be prepared for it all and not rely on my parents as much.

Meg x

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