Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year, New Me | 2017

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful night and best of luck for 2017!

'New Year, New Me?' I mean what a cleshay, but after the roller coaster of a year we have just had I wanted a new perspective on things and well needed a few changes in my life if I am honest. I think everyone says that but after my first year of Sixth Form going terribly round my perspective on it all has changed but I now want to change myself and well get healthy etc. Mainly due to me completing my Queen Scout Award, so i need to be prepared physically and mentally for it!

However, the first thing I want to do before I start looking at everything I want to change I want to look back at my 2016 GOALS
  • Take cute polaroid photo's with all my friends and family - This actually did happen and my polaroid wall has grown a lot over this year but not as much as I would have wanted it too. 
  • Snack less  - I kind of did and didn't, I snacked less on like rubbish foods like Chocolate and Crisps and instead ate my Nature Valley bars or had an Apple. 
  • Be a morning person - If i'm honest i'm still trying on this, however I now tend to automatically wake up at 8:30 when I don't have an alarm set which is good because it's not too early but it's not too late that I feel like i've missed half of my day. 
  • Learn to drive & pass my driving test!!! - I have finally started learning to drive after turning 17 back in March, but I haven't passed yet as I only started back in September but I getting there! 
  • Get a car - I actually have got a car, even though I haven't passed yet. There is also a long story behind me getting my car, as my Dad wanted a new car so asked me if I wanted his old one and obviously I said YES! So I got a car, but hadn't even started learning yet. However I finally got it, exactly 3 months away from my 18th Birthday and now my baby sits on my drive waiting for me to pass. 
  • Go to a festival with my friends - This sadly didn't happen as we left it too late and we were all struggling for the money, so instead we had some great parties in the summer which meant I still got to party and spend a lot of time with them in the summer. 
  • Get a job - So this definitely still has not happened, and honestly I am so laid back about getting one and I'm always like "I'll take a load of CV's with me when I go into town" which never happens. So it's my main mission this year.
  • Pass my A-Levels - The answer to this is actually a yes, as I found out my grades do actually count and are not considered a fail however I wouldn't really class them as a pass myself. 
  • Have an amazing year with my amazing friends - I honestly had an amazing time with my friends, not just my friends from school but also my internet friends. I had such a great year and have so many amazing memories, it was such a great year compared to 2015.
  • See more of my internet friend's  - I got to see a lot more of my internet friends, when I say The Vamps on tour and spent 3 days with them and had the best time and also met some new people. 
  • Meet more of my Internet Friend's - I met quite a few new people this year, one of them being Jodie who is a fellow blogger and an amazing person. We had been friends kind of for a while via twitter and finally I met her and ended up having a great night. I also met more people at The Vamps tour and will hopefully be trying to see them again on their next tour in May. 
  • American Exchange - Sadly non of our Exchange came over and we didn't get to see them again, but one of them did the exchange again this year and is coming over so hopefully I'll see her! 
  • Get a tan -  Honestly it did happen but not a lot, I mean I tanned for me but compared to my Mum and Brother who tan England I was still pretty pale. 
  • Blog more - I have blogged a lot more and actually wanted to, and well enjoyed it a lot more. But I still need to up my game
  • Be a happier person - Finally, this has happened and have been a lot happier this past year and made every day worth while even if I have ended the day crying. 

Overall it has been a great year, but in terms of the rest of the world it has been awful. Mainly with the amount of people killed and the amount of people who have just died. There has been jokes throughout the year about countries and who is trying to fuck up the most, with the E.U Referendum and then the Presidential Election. Both terrible and had the outcome that most people did not want to see, even after everyone trying.

Back to the whole "New Year, New Me", this year will be different and I want to make it different. My attitude has finally changed, towards everything, even though I think it's a little too late in my life and made if this had happened back in year 10 then maybe non of this would have happened but I'm glad these things did. As I wouldn't be the person I am today, wow how cringey.

I will again be doing a goals post for 2017 and it will be up at some point during January so keep your eyes posted.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have had a great 2016 or are just so happy that is over and done with! Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. My 'What I got for Christmas' post will be up tomorrow (sorry it's late, just need to take some photos), so I will see you then!

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