Thursday, 19 January 2017

Make-Up Haul

So I was in need of some new things which you guys will have seen before but I bought a new foundation and have been wearing it for a few weeks. I have fallen in love with it! However it sucks that even the lightest shade is slightly too dark.

But lets get into the products I have picked up recently. First of all was a new eyebrow kit, so you have seen this before. I really want to try a nyx one that is like a dupe of the dip brow from Anastasia beverly hills, but I haven't managed to pick it up yet and I know I like and can use this one. This one is a shade too dark though, which is annoying but I shall try to make it work.

I got another repurchase, and this time it was the maybeline colour tattoo in the most popular and typical shade ever, but it is honestly my favourite eye shadow and colour. The shad is of course, On and on Bronze! I got my first one back in September 2015, which actually longer than i thought. But I do wear it quite often, by itself and with my Naked 2. It is a great base but also a great plain colour on your eye. One of my favourites! Might have to get these in different shades too.
The next two, and final two, are completely new and random purchases if I'm honest. The first is a new foundation, usually this takes ages but I saw it and thought "I have heard good reviews and it's my colour let's try it!" And I have been wearing every since I got it and it is fabulous. It is almost my skin colour, only a tad too dark but you can't really tell so it's great. It is the L'Oreal True Match foundation. I agree with what it says on the packaging, it is super bendable and I honestly love it so much. It is a great foundation so far. 
Finally is a lipstick, which I have honestly been wearing nearly every day since I got it back in December. It is one of Rimmel London's new matte lipsticks, in the shade 'Trendsetter'. It is such a perfect nude colour, and is almost the same as Velvet Teddy by MAC. It is slightly lighter then Velvet Teddy but its just as good and not as much. So if your on a budget and and want a good nude lipstick then try this out! There is such a great range of colours in the collection too, I think I will be picking up the red or pink nearer summer time.  

I honestly love these products so much, they are great and can all be found at the drugstore which means they aren't too expensive. Again I have linked them all so you can find them online. Thank you for reading and I will see you next week .

Meg x

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