Monday, 29 January 2018

Monday Motivation #1 | What i do to stay motivated

I have decided to do something new on my blog, as I am trying to change my mindset and be a lot more positive and motivating for myself. It is taking some time, I am still occasionally thinking "What is the point?",  "Why am I even bothering?" and "I will still fail". However I wanted to talk about 5 random things that I have been doing to help me, mainly the ones that have worked so far. These are things I have been doing for most of this month as it has been super busy, especially last week (hence why there was no posts sorry) when I was taking some mock exams.

1. Waking up early. Back in December I use to wake up at 7am every day however now it is January I am struggling again, mainly because of my lack of sleep and well general lack of motivation to get out of bed. However once I am out of bed I do feel great, which is quite odd.. However I love starting the day early as I feel I have so much more time to do things.

2. Finding or creating playlists. As you know I am a massive fan of the monthly playlist on spotify however I have created a new one called "in omnia paratus" which is my favourite quote from gilmore girls and just makes me smile so I thought it was a perfect fit for this playlist. The main song I always play and was my most played song of 2017, even though it didn't come out till 6th October, is S.L.U.T By bea miller!! - by sure to listen to this and have a good little dance too.

I have also found a few playlist on spotify that have also been useful, these are:

mellow morning by Kalyn Nicholson
bends and breaths by Kalyn Nicholson
girl boss by Danielle Marie
you're moving on, sis by Kenzie Piper
youre too hot for him by Kenzie Piper

When I am feeling a little overwhelmed or stressed I put on either one of Kalyn's playlists and they help calm me down an awful lot and the other's have a great range of positive 'girl boss' songs on, some of them I have included on my own playlist too.

3. Creating boards on Pintrest. I am a lover of everything pintrest and have way too many boards created, but it is something I love and helps me with certain things. For example when I wasn't 100% sure what colour to paint my room, I found so many nice grey and pink colour schemes so that what I picked - after looking at lots of different images. My study board is also my home page so when I am feeling demotivated I can look at all the images of study to help me out a little. Sometimes this works or sometimes I get distract and end up looking at images of Charles Melton and KJ Apa but that happens to everyone....?

4. Watching motivating videos. This might sound a bit ridiculous but watching video's on youtube where people are talking about the changes they have made or what helps them to stay motivated have actually helped me a lot. They kind of help you to think of things to do in your own life.

5. Showering every day. This sounds a little stupid, but coming from a gal who loves a bath as much me, a bath does helps me to relax and what not. But when a shower in the morning feels even better as it wakes you up and makes you feel clean and ready for the day!

I think that is it for my first Monday Motivation, but I hope it was helpful and I quite enjoyed writing this and hopefully these motivating thoughts will stick! I think these posts will just be random and when I come up with new ideas for them, however they will always be out on a Monday @ 4pm (GMT) so keep and eye out! xx

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