Wednesday, 3 August 2016

July Favorites

Hey guys, so it's that time of the month again! Favourites times!! This month consists of Beauty, TV shows, Films, Books, Food and Youtube. My introduction always seem so boring as I never really have much to tell you but I shall right now! So I am off to Spain on Saturday and well it hit me yesterday that I need write blog posts and well pack. Which I haven't done anything like in preparation! I went shopping today and well Primark is bringing in autumn/winter clothes but oh well Its fine. I am so excited for Autumn though as I don't know I love colder months.

I didn't actually plan on using the Avon spray but mine ran out so i used my mums for ages and well it actually works well, especially with my glasses. And well I have ordered myself one which I'm excited about and it is brilliant, keeps my make-up on all day!

Next is one of the NYX Soft Matte Lipstick, I picked one up when I went to London last week. I got it in the shade Cannes which is a pinky kind of colour. I thought it would be a great colour to wear when I go to spain as I already have so many nude colours. However I do want them in the shade London and Abu Dhabi. As you can tell they are named after cities in the world which is a wicked idea! They are still doing up the Boots in Derby however the NYX stand has opened in Nottingham and well I'm so excited to raid it when I get some money.

Of course my Kylie Jenner: Lip kit was going to make an appearance in my favourites this month, I mean it was pretty obvious! I have been wearing this quite often and especially on days where I wanted my lipstick to last a while and can't be bothered to keep re-applying it. Like when I went to London last week it lasted all day and I wore it when I went to Nottingham Pride on Saturday. My friends are always like "I love your lipstick, what is it?". Which makes me happy and well finally I have mastered the lip liner which is great but it means I will most likely be buying a lip liner with my next lipstick.

Finally is a LUSH face mask, it is called Cupcake and I have heard quite a few people my age rave
about it and I have wanted a face mask for ages from LUSH. So I gave in a purchased it when I was in London. I have used it twice so far and it is wonderful! I love the smell and it is just amazing, makes my skin feel great after having it on.

TV Shows:

My friends actually recommended Orphan Black for me to watch and well it took a while to kind of get the jist of the story line and what was actually happening but I do love it! I have actually just finished season 4 which is the latest season that is out and on Netflix. Basically it starts off by a someone witnessing a woman who looks exactly like her kill her self just as she gets off her train. That isn't the best explanation but if you have Netflix it is on there, however it is a 15 and can get quite gruesome at some points so be prepared. 


Next is something completely different, it is the book Me Before You. I am currently reading it and have also fallen in love with it. No, I haven't seen the movie yet and I don't plan on seeing it until I have read the book! But I have got something to look forward too and I can't wait to finish reading it. I thought instead of trying to explain the book I would take a photo of the back of the book so you can read it yourself!!


The next two are films that are only out in the Cinema, I went to see Now You See Me 2 the other week when it came out and then Star Trek Beyond on Sunday morning. I loved Now you see me and was so excited when they announced there would be a second, it was brilliant and very funny. Full of magic and illusions! Next Star Trek Beyond, it was such an amazing film and full of emotion. Parts that made me smile and laugh and other parts that made me cry. It was a good job there was only 3 of us in the cinema! 

I have never really food into a favourites but oh my gosh I have eaten them both so much and they are just amazing. I take a nature valley bar everywhere with me, just in case I get hungry and I always have them as my snack when I'm at Sixth Form. 

The sausages on the other hand I found at Explorers as they are what we get for the 'vegi weirdos'. Yes that is what my leader calls them, I think we only have 2 but still. Anyways, they are so nice and I prefer them to quorn but my mum likes quron sausages more so I get these all to myself. I have been having them with salad for my lunches some days.


I have watched these guys for a while and I don't know why but I have well stopped watching certain youtubes like all the time, and well these guys I watch all the time. If they upload a video I'll add it straight to my 'watch later' playlist so I can sit down and watch all of my favourites later. Meredith and Teala both have Vlog channels too but they have only just started to vlog which is great and they are together a lot so it's funny to watch them one after the other. 

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