Saturday, 27 August 2016

Q&A 02 | Bold Hair Colours & Teen Wolf Characters?

I haven't done a Q&A in almost a year and I wanted to do something slightly different and couldn't think of anything, however I have everything all planned out to October currently which is exciting. I asked one my 2 twitter accounts, for some questions from you guys. So lets get started.

What are your top 3 (?) make up products?
  1. Benefit Hola Bronzer
  2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
  3. NYX soft matte creme (Shade; London)
  4. Rimmel London Lasting perfection Lipstick (Shade; Red)
I had to add the extra one to make 4 just because I love wearing red lipstick it makes me so happy, bright lipstick is what gets me excited for the sun coming out. Even though I love wearing nudes and dark purples and am very much a cold weather girl. I recently got the Benefit bronzer and I will tell you about it on Wednesday in my August Favourites, along with the NYX soft matte cream! 

Did you ever get hate for supporting your favourite?
When I first became a fan account on twitter, probably not long after I made my account late 2013, I became conscious of people from school finding it because like all I did was tweet about The Vamps, The Wanted and Loveable Rogues etc. So I began to block people that I had followed from my school, I don't think they were bothered but, in other words no I have never got hate for supporting them.I think people have just got use to it know, like if the Vamps are on Tv or something my friends or family will text me. Which is super cute as they know me so well.

What's your favourite tv show?
Big Bang Theory. I bet you weren't expecting a straight answer for this however I have so many favourite tv shows but as I have BBT on dvd I am always watching it when I go to bed. I probably managed to re-watch all 8 seasons twice in a year. My family always get me the new season for Christmas so I like to make sure I have re-watched it all in time for Christmas so I can then watch the new season when I go to bed on Christmas Day. However I'm not quite sure what I will do when it ends, but they have started filming season 10 which is very exciting.

If you were to name one piece of clothing that describes you, what would it be?
I'm not really sure, I think my Red Harrington jacket.

Do you want to dye your hair any bold colour?
I have always wanted purple hair, which I kind of currently have but it's slightly ginger in place but that's my fault. Anyway I won't get into how I messed up my hair. Well I have fallen in love with blue hair, as an actor I follow on instagram just had blue hair (she recently just dyed it like silver/blue). However I think she suits any colour as in Degrassi Next Class she has pink hair which also looks amazing. My friends told me to try dying my hair blue but I'm too scared at the moment and I miss my brown hair so hopefully It will be back soon!
Instagram image: chiquifairy

Argent or Sheriff?
Oh this is a hard one. If your confused this is in terms of Teen Wolf, which I am obsessed with and have been since Christmas when I first started watching it. I'm thinking Sheriff just because of Stiles and well their relationship. It honesly makes me cry, especially after watching the trailer for season 6 and to make things worse season 6 is the finally season!! :(

What's your favourite film?
Favourite film, hmm I'm going to say The Duff and Captain America (all 3)
I am a massive Marvel fan and Captain America is my favourite, because of Chris Evans but also the character is just so funny and films honestly make me smile so much. I re-watched all the Marvel films when I finished my exams and I actually cried at the first Captain America. The Duff is also my favourite film because the story line is amazing and the characters are so relatable, the end credits song is also The Vamps so that just makes me love it even more. 

Thank you to the girls who sent me the questions, I hope you enjoyed this post. I actually enjoyed writing this however you don't, well I don't, really see Q&A's on blogs. Anyway I will see you next time.

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