Saturday, 17 September 2016

Back to School: Lets get motivated

I have been waiting ages to actually post this, to be able to sit down to write all about getting motivated for sixth form/school.

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Since I have gone back to sixth form my attitude has changed all together and I am starting to feel more happy and motivated to survive the next 2 years at sixth form! That might confuse you a little as surely I should only have one year left but no, let me explain what I'm doing quickly.  I have decided to pick up 2 subjects with the year 12's at my sixth from and continue doing my ICT as a year 13. Which I technically am but at the same time I'm a year 12. As I won't be applying for university till next year which means I have longer to prepare for it and know its defiantly the right course or path for me!

So lets talk about motivation. I realised I went about a-levels all wrong last year, like I knew the jump from GCSE to a-level was big but honestly not this big. I thought I was doing well in one of my subjects and felt so confident in terms of the exams I took for them, however they didn't turn out brilliant. But I don't want to talk about that. One of the things that has got me motivated is well changing my attitude towards everything. I started watching a youtuber, Mel Joy, and I just love the way she looks at life and is so motivated for things. She is also how I got motivated to go to the gym more and be the best version of my self. It all seems a little bit stupid when I say it like this but its true. I think I changed I realised my attitude towards work needed change.

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Homework and coursework, were always the 2 things I hated about sixth form and I put them off to the last possible moment. However In the past 2 weeks I haven't got that much work but of what I've got I have done the day I got it or the following day. The quicker you get it done the more free time you have after, and it is also easier to get it done after you have just learnt it as it is fresh in your mind! I feel that if I had this attitude this time last year maybe I would have got even better grades, but that doesn't matter now. 

The two images are both from pintrest and I would say if you are looking for quotes to motivate you pintrest would be a good start. Look at these 1000+ motivational quotes.

My friend just coincidentally posted a blog post called '5 quotes to live by' and it links in kind of to mine so be sure to go and read it! Jodie's Blog.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and this 'back to school' collection so far. I have one more post and then that will be it, not a lot a know but I joined it a little late and didn't get organised quick enough. 

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