Monday, 12 September 2016

Back to School: What's in my Sixth Form Bag

Hey guys, so I have just had my first day at sixth form (I actually wrote this last week but couldn't upload because my images wouldn't download) and wanted to tell you about what was inside my bag today! I have decided to do it differently to my other post which I didn't really like it if I'm honest. So my bag was a bit of a mess today as I wasn't sure what I would need so I took what I thought would be important. So lets get started anyways.

So this is my school bag, it is from New Look and I would link it however it is over a year old so they won't have it in stock! I am also in need of a new bag but I haven't found the perfect black rucksack for the job! I am also saving money for driving lessons so a new bag will have to wait a while.

This bag just has one big section, a zip pocket along the back, which I will start with and then get to the main bit. In the zip pocket in my bag I actually keep tampons and so on. This is just in case I need them or my friends need them, TMI I know but I'm a girl ok.

Now to the main bit of my bag, so I have it packed for my first day which was yesterday and I only have I.C.T which means I don't need a folder so my bag has more space. First is my pencil case, which I think is from WHSmiths. I got it last year and it fits everything in that I need, which is;

  • fine liners
  • 4  highlighters
  • 2 4 colour pens
  • 2 black Sharpies
  • Rubber
  • Pencil
  • 30cm ruler
  • Small stapler
  • Small hole puncher
  • Memory stick
  • Pens
The majority of my pens in my pencil case are actually free pens that I got from University open days, which is one of the good things about university open days. The free stuff! Next is my 'list book', from Paperchase. I bought this when I was in Essex and I honestly use it so much. It is perfect for writing my homework and coursework down in, it is also so pretty! Next is my diary, which I picked up from Tesco and its just a simple diary, that looks very pretty! I also had a Wilko A4 ruled refill pad, which is what I use for my binders, however I didn't take one of them with me as I didn't need it.

The final things are of course my Tangle Teezzer, a Nike baseball cap, a 850 ml Smart water bottle and my Cath Kidston beauty bag which contains;

  • Extra chewing gum
  • Strepsils 
  • Frosted Cranberry anti-bacterial hand gel from Bath and Body works
  • A Pen
  • Nature Valley bar, oats and honey
  • Paracetamol
  • Thin hair bobble

So that is everything in my school bag, it changes slightly each day as I might take a binder or have a text book, which doesn't happen that often but oh well. It seems kind of a lot when you look at it like this but I am organised, my friends are always like "Megan, hand sanitiser" as I always have some. However I wish I'd bought some more when I went to America but oh well. I hope you enjoyed this post and it is the first of the back to school series! I'm actually not doing that many and I wanted to do some more once I am settled back into Sixth Form, I just need to sort out all my timings now I have my timetable. However I have the 4 posts planned and I have the rest to plan for this month and the beginning of next month. I will be organised this year, and manage my time well! 

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